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Couple Left Dead In Recording Studio For Three Days

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Yolanda Rose "LaLa" Brown & boyfriend JeTannue “Kool Aid” Clayborn(George Mallet/TMJ4)

Yolanda Rose “LaLa” Brown was an American R&B singer. LaLa was born on May 20, 1986, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LaLa was the youngest of five children born to Maria, a descendant of immigrants, and William, an African American father. According to her family, she always stood out from a young age. Her parents always knew she possessed incredible talent “from her first steps, always singing and dancing around the house.” For that reason, it came as no surprise to them when she pursued a music career when she was just 11 years old. Using the stage name, “Pre-mere” she began performing at weddings and later, various bars, as a singer.

In the fall of 2005, LaLa took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, in the hopes of furthering her music career. Atlanta was a hub for entertainers at the time and attracted LaLa for that reason. She believed she would have a better chance to meet artists, producers, and songwriters there who might provide her with more training and opportunities. She would get the opportunity that she was looking for when R&B singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings asked her to be on his new track called “S.E.X.” The track appeared on his album “The Phoenix” and was a cautionary tale that warned young women about the pitfalls and dangers of unprotected sex. 

LaLa began touring with Jennings, but was later released from her contract after the two had a disagreement. In June 2007, LaLa returned to Milwaukee. Just a few months later — On October 19, 2007 — LaLa and her boyfriend, were shot and killed in the Loud Enuff Productionz recording studio in Milwaukee. Prior to their murder, there had been a burglary in which the culprit had made off with about $10,000 in recording equipment, but it is unknown if the crimes are related.

Since there were no signs of a forced entry, the murderer is believed to have been someone they knew well enough to let into their studio. In the days before the murder, LaLa is said to have been receiving threats. Suspiciously, the manager of the studio wouldn’t let the families in to check up on them (they were unaware of their deaths at this time) without a warrant. It wasn’t until a family member grew impatient and forced his way in that their bodies were discovered. By that point, they had been dead for three days. 

In 2017, LaLa’s father says he was told that the detectives in his daughter’s case had put together a solid case against someone who was already incarcerated for another crime. However, that seems to have gone nowhere.

To this day, the double homicide remains unsolved.

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