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Tuesday Roundup: Top stories from the Mile High City

Steven Bonifazi

By Steven Bonifazi / NewsBreak Denver

(DENVER, Colo.) Greetings, good morning and happy Tuesday to you and yours, Denver!

This Tuesday edition of the Denver Daily Round-Up is packed with some of the most important stories in and around the Denver metro. 

Be sure to grab your umbrella and raincoat before heading out, Denver's weather forecast predicts a wet and stormy day with rain, snow and thunderstorms less than 24 hours after the city saw a high temperature near 80.

Let's take a closer look at just a few stories you should be more aware of this Tuesday from the NewsBreak Denver team:

1. Homeless-undercover mayor adopts camping ban at high-security meeting
A homeless encampment at Abilene and Mississippi in Aurora.(City of Aurora)

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, who went undercover as a homeless person, has banned urban camping.

On Monday evening, the Aurora City Council took the matter for final consideration and voted 6-5 to pass Coffman's urban camping ban. NewsBreak Denver's David Heitz reported democratic council members Alison Coombs, Angela Lawson, Crystal Murillo, Carlos Medina and Juan Marcano voted against the ban.

Under the ordinance, police are not allowed to arrest people who decline to move. Aurora must also give 72 hours' advance notice of any sweeps.

2. Denver offers free snacks and meals for kids during Spring Break

The Tasty Food program of Denver is offering free snacks and meals to kids while students are on Spring Break.

The program's modified schedule for Spring Break will run from Tuesday, March 29, to Monday, April 4. Snacks and meals are offered to kids 5- to 18-years old, and no ID or registration is required.

Kids don't have to be Denver Public School students to pick up a free snack or meal, which can be eaten on-site or picked up by a parent or guardian.

3. DougCo schools wait for report to set funding request for voters
The Douglas County School District will likely seek a mill levy override and/or bond issue in November, pending final recommendations.(Douglas County School District)

The Douglas County School District has a mill levy override and bond issue that could be one of three amounts, according to the chairperson of the district's mill bond exploratory ad hoc committee, Sandra Brownrigg.

Brownrigg gave the school board an update on March 22 regarding the group's recommendations on potential ballot measures for the November general election ballot, according to NewsBreak Denver's Mike McKibbin. Three different funding amounts were considered, but numbers were not mentioned.

The committee will provide surveys to the district's student advisory council and parent-teacher organizations.

4. Protect yourself: West Nile Virus will only get worse in Colorado

The West Nile Virus killed more people and caused serious diseases in Colorado than it had in almost 20 years. 

NewsBreak Denver's Claire Cleveland reported the virus was first discovered in Colorado in 2003 but was not considered an epidemic until 2,948 people contracted it and 66 died from it. In 2020, only 35 cases of the virus were reported before that number increased by 5x the following year.

The following are the 4 D's to protect yourself from the West Nile Virus:

  • Dusk and Dawn: Avoid being outside and unprotected during dusk and dawn hours as mosquitos tend to be most prevalent in these hours from May through mid-September. 
  • Dress: Be sure to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid bites when outdoors.
  • DEET: Utilize bug repellent like DEET or natural versions to avoid bug bites.
  • Drain: Drain any standing water in yards or outdoor spaces that collect water as mosquitos prefer breeding in warm and stagnant water.

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