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Friday in Denver: Coloradans to pay more for food & energy after Russia's Ukraine invasion, Veriheal boosts mmj business

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By Steven Bonifazi / NewsBreak Denver

(DENVER, Colo.) Hello, good morning, and a happy Friday to you and yours, Denver Rounderuppers!

Welcome back to another Friday edition of the Denver Daily Round-Up, a daily synopsis of the Denver metro's top stories. Hopefully, everyone has weekend plans as Saturday and Sunday in the Mile High City are expected to be warm and sunny.

The fourth week of February has come and gone, and March is rapidly approaching. Per usual, it's been a busy 24 hours in and around the Denver metro, so before beginning the last day of this work week, take a deeper dive into a few of the city's most newsworthy events for this Friday:

1. Why Russia's Ukraine invasion will make Coloradans pay more for food, energy
People react standing behind the cordoned off area around the remains of a shell in Kyiv on Feb. 24.(Photo by Sergei Supinsky/AFP)

Russia's invasion of Ukraine sparked concerns of disruptions in the global oil, natural gas and wheat markets, raising the likeliness that Coloradans will pay more for food and energy at a time when inflation is already high.

U.S. natural gas prices rose as high as 6.9%, the highest level since Feb. 4 at a time when Colorado residents are already seeing inflation surge more rapidly than the national average. NewsBreak Denver's Matt Whittaker reported that the consumer price index for Denver, Aurora and Lakewood climbed 7.9% through January, more than the 7.5% national number.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict will likely cause gasoline and natural gas prices to rise in addition to costs for electricity derived from natural gas, and food costs in Colorado according to Mac Clouse, a finance professor at the University of Denver.

2. Denver-based Veriheal buys, boosts medical marijuana business

Local health consultant Veriheal's acquired for $3 million to make it easier for medical marijuana patients to connect with licensed physicians in their states.

With the expansion, Veriheal now has the largest network of medical cannabis doctors in addition to a larger network of dispensary partners, according to NewsBreak Denver's Margaret Jackson. The new website will provide secure electronic medical records, online appointment scheduling, around-the-clock support through phone or live chat and a larger network of doctors.

Veriheal will continue to educate patients on ways to obtain medical marijuana cards, available products and the latest research.

3. Denver's new rules fail to stop 'gadflies' from dominating meeting
Jesse Lashawn Parris appears via Zoom Tuesday during the Denver City Council meeting. Parris speaks regularly during public comment period.(City and County of Denver/Denver 8)

The normal cast of characters controlled the public comment period Tuesday at Denver City Council regardless of a new rule that is supposed to push repeat speakers to the back of the line. 

The council voted to change the rules earlier this month to hear more people speak due to a core group of five to 10 people speaking almost every week during public comment. NewsBreak Denver's David Heitz reported that speakers who spoke previous weeks now go to the end of the line to allow newcomers to speak first. However, the regulars still dominated Tuesday's public comment period.

In Denver, the same people talk about the same topics week after week, feeling that they are government watchdogs of some sort. The public comment period begins at 5 p.m. before council meetings.

4. Guru blesses new Coors Almighty Light beer to protect Foo Fighters
The limited-edition Coors beer has been blessed by a guru.(Coors Light)

Colorado's latest "gotcha" beer is Coors Almighty Light, made with Rocky Mountain water and blessed by a guru to protect Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl's soul.

The beer is tied to the band's upcoming horror film releasing Friday called "Studio 666," featuring the band writing and recording their 10th album "Medicine at Midnight," NewsBreak Denver's Brittany Anas reported. Grohl becomes possessed by supernatural forces that threaten the band members' lives and the completion of the album, so Coors Light wanted to recover Grohl's soul through demon-fighting properties added to its beer.

Therefore, a non-denominational ordained minister blessed the limited-batch beer. Although the release is very limited, those looking to drink the demon deterrent can sign up for a chance to win some here.

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