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Colorado State patrol urges Coloradans to 'wait your turn,’ failure-to-yield causes thousands of crashes

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By Steven Bonifazi / NewsBreak

(DENVER, Colo.) The Colorado State Patrol asks Colorado drivers to be patient because failure to yield causes thousands of crashes.

CSP investigated roughly 8,000 crashes caused by drivers not yielding the right of way during the past four years. Those crashes killed 60 and injured 2,000 more.

More than 60% of failure-to-yield collisions happened at intersections.

CSP launched an education and awareness campaign in February called #WaitYourTurn to reduce preventable crashes as Colorado continues to experiece growing congestion and driver distractions.

When arriving at an intersection, CSP says coming to a complete stop at stop signs and red traffic signals will provide enough time to look left, right and left again to make sure it is safe to proceed.

Flashing yellow lights signal drivers to proceed with caution and make sure traffic is clear before proceeding.

Emergency vehicles, stopped vehicles or additional activity on the side of roads are potential hazards. So are stranded drivers, maintenance workers, law enforcement and more. Slowing down and switching lanes to create space is ideal, the patrol said.

Remember to move to the right lane whenever emergency vehicles with lights and sirens approach you from behind.

Unless directed otherwise by a police officer, safely come to a complete stop and wait until the emergency vehicle passes.

The agency says the solution to preventing failure-to-yield vehicle collisions is simple: slow down, look both ways more than once and show manners and common decency for others sharing the road.

For more information regarding the Colorado State Patrol, click here.

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