The Sale (Fiction/Sci Fi)

Steve B Howard

r. Aiden turned the small clear cylinder in the light as he gazed at it again. The two sliver-colored anti-matter batteries at each end of the cylinder were cool to the touch as he held it. A tiny gold spark in the very center of the cylinder shimmered.It was the only particle from another dimension in existence.

The floor vibrated slightly as the particle accelerator half a mile below Dr. Aiden’s lab began its morning diagnostic cycle, the only privately owned particle accelerator in the world as well.

Dr. Aiden’s assistant entered his lab. He set the cylinder down gently in its anti-grav cradle at his lab station.

“Tau, has the data been sent yet?”

“Yes doctor, I double-checked this morning and your scheduled time on the Musk Tacheon Orbital Transmitter has been confirmed. Your data should be transmitting now.”

“Do you know what that little cylinder represents Tau?” Dr. Aiden asked pointing to the cylinder.

“I know it is something you have been working on for a very long time Doctor.”

“More potential energy than we can possibly imagine Tau. That’s what that tiny bit of light there in the center represents.”

“Yes doctor, will there be anything else?”

“No Tau, thank you.”

Dr. Aiden watched her leave the lab and called up his data on a Holo-Screen. “The math that will change my world,” he thought looking at a long series of equations running the length of the screen.

These were the same equations the Musk Tacheon Orbital Transmitter would be sending to 300 systems, all of which were strong candidates for habitable planets. The equations contained a description of the particle, Dr. Aiden’s location relative to the center of the Milky Way, and his price.

That night as the moon was rising high in the southern sky a massive disturbance above Dr. Aiden’s lab lit up the surrounding forest and shook his lab. Tau came running into the lab spilling the coffee she was bringing him.

“Dr. Aiden, what is it?”

Turning from his seat at his lab station he said, “A buyer, I suspect.”

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