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Comedy alone has the power to instantaneously change the mood & disposition of individuals from desolation to liveliness with just one joke. It has a way to bring community & unity despite being of different backgrounds, religions, races, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, or education. It brings togetherness without tragedy.

Southampton County native, Comedian Gary Mitchell, has been known to bring both live audiences & virtual audiences to bright smiles & big laughter. Though he may be naturally funny, it is clear that his materials & punchlines are developed by his personal encounters & experiences.

There's a joke for you regardless of your style of humor. Whether you have dry humor, quirky humor, or warped humor, Mitch has a joke for you.

His comical & brutally honest elderly character Elnor Williams (757TripleOG) is the one we have all grown to love, mostly because of Elnordointhangs.
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He is known for his stand-up sets at popular comedy clubs like The Funny Bone in Virginia Beach, VA. Other big-name have been known to grace the same stage such as Jess Hilarious, Michael Blackson, KevOnStage, Corey Holcomb, Tony Rock, Chico Beans, DeRay Davis, & Jay Pharoah.

Mitchell brings versatility as a triple threat: comedian, actor, singer/producer. His comedian journey began in 2009 when he found himself participating in local talent showcases & bringing laughs around the room. Stellar acts made him a fan favorite & the news of his comic personality spread. He is no stranger to big-name celebrities. In his comedian experience, he has joined the stage with Alex Thomas, Reginald Ballard “AKA” bruh man from the 5th floor, Drew Fraser, Clayton English, Joe Torry, Guy Torry, Luenell, Cocoa Brown, Marlon Wayans, & others. (Source: Flappers Comedy Club).

Recently, Mitchell has grown seemingly overnight on TikTok & by use of reels on Facebook. Earlier this month, about 10 days ago, he shared his TikTok growth with his friends & fans on Facebook.

Without proper credit or mention of his social media handles (which is against content creator etiquette or codes), Mitchell reached over 1.6 million views on a reel posted by iamjamsradio.
Gary Mitchell (middle photo 1.6M)Photo byShould be Mitch, but it's iamjamsradio profile

After overcoming the initial disappointment overcoming blatant disrespect, Mitch continued his career with support & action from his fans. His cool & professional response, "I ain’t trippin. Glad to know it’s watched," was admirable, & increased respect from his audience. Situations like these seem to always confirm individuals that are well on their way to success. Mitch is no exception.

Gary Mitchell is a jewel to the world of comedy & the world itself. He is an act & an inspiration.

Although I Am Jams Radio didn't follow proper internet etiquette or social protocol, celebrity comedian DeRay Davis shared a post of Elnor Williams (Gary Mitchell) on social media has started making rounds (something to the tune of over 600,000 views, over 60,000 likes, & over 22,000 shares on TikTok alone). This big moment was celebrated by Mitchell posting a photo with a caption that read:

I don’t trip about a lot of things, but this is dope honestly. I did this vid almost a year ago." -Gary Mitchell

Comments encouraged Mitchell to continue with words like "progress takes time" & "LETZZZZZZZ GOOOOOOO !! it hit different when the ones we're inspired by vibe to our (poop emoji) LETZZZZZZZ GOOOOOOO !!"
Gary Mitchell ProductionsPhoto byComedian G. Mitchell

There has not been a video or reel that Mitch has done that allowed me to keep a straight face. He has the kind of content that makes you laugh even when you don't feel like laughing.

Connect with Gary Mitchell on social media:

Instagram: gmitchell85

Instagram: elnordointhangs

TikTok: gmitchell98

YouTube: dreambig85

Here's one more laugh:

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