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Black owned beauty products owner making a statement across the state & changing the community

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CEO Nicole BuckleyPhoto byNicole

Glossed Up By Nicole is a lip & skin care company owned by the manager of Gifted Hands & the CEO of LiveWire Consultant, LLC, Nicole Buckley.

United Nations data & Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) reported that "122.62 million women in the U.S. used lipstick and lip gloss in 2020." Glossed Up is a part of this statistical history.

The same survey estimated that it will increase to 124.68 million in 2024, & she continues to add to this stat.

Glossed Up by Nicole launched lip & skincare products that are:

  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Hours of kiss-proof wear
  • Soft silk texture with a flexible feel
  • Paraben, gluten, & sulfite free
Photo byNicole B.

Glossed Up launched about 3 years ago with building confidence in mind. With her clients in mind, her options include lightweight lip colors & non-sticky gloss that could be used on every type of lip feature.

An article titled, "Why Are So Many Women Obsessed with Getting Plumper Lips? It goes way beyond the #KylieJennerChallenge," written by Zahra Barnes, highlights women's desire to have full lips. The reasons varied. There was a viral trend where women & men would use a shot glass in an attempt to thicken their lips by suction. In an era of increased vanity & increased surgeries, Glossed Up opted for a safer alternative like clear plumping lip gloss.
Clear plumping glossPhoto byNicole

Although Glossed Up is a black-owned business, the basis of her business is equality which led to offering beauty products & colors that are suitable for all races. The varieties for lip products include both matte & gloss. Before being released to the public, lipstick products are tested to make sure they can be blended & applied smoothly & worn with minimal smearing or smudging.

A fan favorite seems to be liquid to matte Chocolate. The photos below show how adaptable & individualized this color is on every woman. With Glossed Up, women are able to accentuate their natural beauty by adding a pop of color. Women also have the option stay natural & drench them in a cute clear gloss. Clear gloss paired & blended with a dark brown or black liner is a simple nostalgic 90's look of perfection. Women across the state are in love with their lips because of Glossed Up.
Chocolate LipstickPhoto byNicole
Chocolate LipstickPhoto byNicole

Skin is the largest organ of the body, & just like every other organ, it needs care. The skin requires cleansers, toners, body butter & facial scrubs that leave our skin "revitalized, refreshed, & clean." With an increase in the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis (commonly known as eczema) & other skin conditions, Nicole’s solution to skin issues was creating Glossed Up all-inclusive skincare options that can be used by all individuals regardless of their skin color or skin type. The skincare line assists those with dry or sensitive skin.

She has made a difference in more lives than one could imagine as the National Library of Medicine shows a study that "reveals a high prevalence of sensitive skin in the USA." Glossed Up developed a lightweight formula that aimed to make skin look fresh & feel soft. As an individual with eczema & contact dermatitis, I know the skin troubles from winter dryness & summer excessive sweating.

Additionally, people want & need eye protection. Sunglasses are not only fashion statements, but also serve as safety equipment for the eyes & skin surrounding them. Glossed Up created a line for individuals that want to fight the sun & look fashionable while doing so.
#Shades: Vintage Love! #Lips: FTW (For the Win) Lipgloss! Both available at glossedupbynicole.comPhoto byNicole
CapriPhoto byNicole

Because of growing sales & support, she recently posted a reel of new Glossed Up loyalty cards with a shout-out to the queen of support Capri Lawrence & status that read:

The Glossed Up by Nicole LOYALTY CARD is HERE!! Just another way to say THANK YOUUU for your support!! Earn a Free item after 8 purchases!! Stay Blessed! Stay Focused! Stay Glossed Up!! GET STARTED @

She also posts customers' pictures on her social media accounts with a thank you caption. She gives love to everyone that supports her & feels accomplished that she can make a difference in the lives of others.

Nicole gives confidence, but she also gives back to the community. Recently, she share a status on Facebook that read:

Thank youuuuu for placing your CUPCAKE orders & for believing in my community service!! Delivery THIS Saturday!! Place your orders for #Chocolate, #redvelvet, #lemon #vanilla #strawberry #bananapudding, or #carrotcake. All proceeds support our YOUTH!!!! Made with Luv by Unique Sweets & More By Nerissa
A fundraising effortPhoto byNicole B.

This fundraising event took place following a shoe drive she organized & hosted from January 8th-18th with a drop-off location at Montego Island Grill in Virginia Beach.
Photo byNicole B

She has products that care for the entire body: the eyes, the lips, & the skin. But most importantly, she tends to the matters of the heart with community outreach.

Visit to view a full list.

Connect with Nicole on social media:


hocolate Matte Lipstickđź’‹Sparkle Lipglossđź’‹Ritzy Lipglossđź’‹Glam Matte Lipstickđź’‹Choose what enhances YOU!!!Photo byNicole
"Every Woman! Every Shade! Every Lifestyle!"--Nicole

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