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Only 3.9% of artists in America are black, & E.J. the Artist is among that number. A result of my aimless social media scrolling is the algorithm of TikTok flashing this artist across my screen so allow me to introduce you to E.J.
EJ the artist holding a painting of LeBron JamesPhoto byEJ

I've always loved art, although I personally have never been any good at it. I love art more when it's created by a person of color, that's a double win for the South Carolina artist.

While he is talented in multiple areas, such as drawing & creating, his artistic ability focuses primarily on pop art. The vibrancy & colorful art choices make his paintings far from ordinary which was one of the reasons he has gained over a quarter of a million likes (252,500+) on his TikTok page.

We pretty much expect to see several shades of brown when an artist is painting a heavily "melanated" individuals. EJ understands melanin but adds a twist to his art. By doing so, he breaks down the boundaries of normalcy & confinement of what society believes art should be.
Chris Brown pop artPhoto byEJ the Artist
EJ holding his artworkPhoto byEJ

The mosaic like portraits are balanced with beauty, brightness, & boldness--a pictorial symphony to his viewers. EJ's form of artistry is a daring expression of individuality. He's primarily known for his work colorfully depicting famous individuals. His unconventional portraits are easily recognizable & display an uncanny resemblance to the actual celebrity. EJ's brushwork is smooth & studied enough to stay true to the physical attributes of celebrities even when using non-traditional colors. Despite the use of vivid colors, none of his art is overbearing (according to his viewers), but rather become a multidimensional space where his thoughts, ideas, & talent coexist. His art is timeless & tasteful even when it's explosive with colors.

EJ's paintings are attention grabbing & conversation starters. A dedication to his love of pop art & the black culture inspires his creative pieces.
J. Cole, Kobe & GiGi tribute, & Will SmithPhoto byEJ

His TikTok videos using transitions to introduce his art creates more movement & depth, so the viewer can easily see his creativity. He's simply original & does not follow previous models in the artistic canon & has developed a style all his own.

His unconventional approach makes him the epitome of true art as art is primarily expressive. His talent is uncontainable & has no boundaries as he paints outside the box.

EJ the Artist. Here's unique. He's voyeuristic. He's a visionary, & pop art is his signature.
Tyler the Creator & WeezyPhoto byEJ

Connect with EJ the Artist on social media:

TikTok: Ej_customs

Twitter: Ethomp23

Instagram: ejtheartist94


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