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Courtney Boone-Hill, CEO of Court Creations & wife of CEO Marcus Hill (Hygher Clothing Collection, LLC), is fighting like a girl.

Last Day of Chemo for CourtneyCourtney Boone Hill

On May 5, 2022, there was a tremendous outpour of love & support as our Facebook timelines were painted pink for her as she conquered her last chemo session.

The beginning of our fight with her began on February 6, 2022. This warrior shared the story of her diagnosis via a TikTok video that was shared on Facebook. It shared the beginning of her journey & the timeline of diagnosis to the start of treatment. She also revealed that her husband placed the clippers on his head & cut his bald soon after she cut off her remaining hair. The video was shared with a heartfelt caption that read:

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer while being pregnant and having to make big decisions for me and my family has been tuff but I feel it was the best decision. Leaving Kansas suddenly and my kiddos not saying their “see you laters” had me crushed! But thankfully they have adjusted well. This journey hasn’t been easy but thankfully for an awesome support I know I can overcome this part of my journey in this chapter of my life. I ask that you guys keep me in your prayers as I fight this battle. Thank you to my family/friends that have done so much for me and my family. It is truly appreciated. Thank you Marcus Hill keeping me sane and being my caregiver 👩🏽‍❤️‍👨Thank you Brittany Boone for being my advocate and making sure I’m taking care of. that comes with it. Thank you Nadia Prah Christine Reef Laura Ellsworth Jaleesa Darden-Stith Nikki Bradshaw Lindsay Cooper Starlette Nicole Giselle Paulette for listening to me cry, and reassuring me I’m a fighter and will get through this. ***it’s a few others but they’re on another platform.

Check out the video on her TikTok

As her journey progressed, she continued to share her treatments, emotions, & struggles with us. She empowered us by educating us on the importance of self-breast examinations, scheduling mammograms, & speaking up when noticing something is wrong.

Being so brave & strong inspired our entire community to unite to fight with her. On May 5, 2022, she made a humble request that those who have supported her from the beginning & along the way temporarily change their Facebook profile picture to publicly show support.

Even in her toughest moments, she was still thinking of others as she took the focus off & shifted it to thinking of others.

Good Morning ☀️ If you support and have supported me change your profile picture for today to this image as today is my last day taking Chemotherapy... Also someone may see this and finally go to the doctor after putting it off because they are scared to find out what that discomfort or the lump is. If I can encourage someone to make that appointment and get themselves checked I will be happy. I don’t want anyone to go through this if I can help it. Early detection will limit a lot of what I’ve went through and still going through. Any age is getting it. Do a daily check. Put yourself first. #Lastdayofchemo #CancerSucks #cincodemayo #breastcancerwarrior #Support #breastcancer #CheckYourBoobs
Last Day of Chemo for Courtney SupportCourtney Boone Hill

Not only did she receive overwhelming support with changed profile pictures, many others went above & beyond by purchasing t-shirts to show their support. Some even recorded encouraging words & added them on their Facebook walls.

Courtney’s SupportCourtney’s facebook

To end an already exciting day, Courtney was celebrated by family & friends while leaving the breast center with a Facebook live cheering, testimonial music, & "loving" on her out loud. This video received thousands of views, loves, & shares from those who supported her.

To make this more heartwarming, Courtney had an afterparty & posted a picture with her husband, son, & Amanda Smith (far left) alongside her husband Kevin Smith (far right), who is another cancer warrior.

The Hills & SmithsCourtney Boone-Hill

On May 4, 2022, Courtney shared that she was at a Plastic Surgery Consultation. “New body” her!!

Courtney’s ConsultationCourtney Boone Hill

Everyone‘s support, love, & encouragement has been greatly appreciated. Courtney consistently expresses her gratitude for friends, family, & the community fighting with her.

Lastly, her husband & been recognized by the community for standing strongly, patiently, & lovingly by her side during one of the toughest battles of her life.

A status on Facebook (Quinten Freeman) gave special recognition to her husband, Marcus, that read:

Marcus Hill you always been a stand up guy every since I've known you. I just wanna salute you for standing by your Queen side through her journey of life much love and respect 🙏 ❤💯💪🏿
Courtney & MarcusThe Hills

Courtney‘s journey has shown us that it is possible for people to unite & come together for the love & good of someone else. On May 5th, we stood in harmony—every color, every age, every gender, & every sexual orientation. There is good in the world, & if you don’t see it, be the change you want to see.

To show your support for Courtney & her journey, schedule your mammograms. Speak up if you feel something. Follow her journey & use hashtags: #FightLikeCourtney #CrushedChemo #StrongerTogether #Savethetatas #Courtneystrong

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