Maine haunted houses & lighthouses

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Ghost of Haynesville Woods.Christopher Mills - Flickr.

“The haunted stretch of road through the Haynesville woods. Some say a married couple got stranded on this road in the winter and the husband froze to death and his wife went for help and got struck. All they found was some clothes with no bones or a body.”Christopher Mills

The Haynesville Woods are “…a stretch of road up in Northern Maine, that’s never seen a mile, but if they bury all the truckers lost in them woods, there’d be a tombstone every mile.”Dick Curless lyrics

It’s seventeen miles of nothing but woods on Route #2A close to Wytopitlock, ME, with no streetlights or turnoffs.

Maine is said to have more ghost sightings than any state in the union. Haunted hot spots have been the gossip for centuries of adventure seekers, gung-ho ghost enthusiasts, and paranormal prophets. From houses, cemeteries, and lighthouses, spirits have a way of making their presence known whether wanted or not. Those who spook easily should probably avoid Maine and such topics; however, those who thrive on chills will appreciate any good haunting.

Most haunted lighthouses & their ghosts/Boon Island Lighthouse, Boon Island, Maine, US

Maine haunted houses & lighthouses

From the Berry Manor Inn from 1898 with at least three women from the Victorian Century to other Haunted Inns, Maine is the place for a haunted vacation.

Spirits can be intimidating; after all, they come and go as they please without anyone knowing at times. The Greenville Inn near a gorgeous lake hosts a kinder ghost, a friendly presence that graces everyone with her beauty. From homes to hotels to inns, these Maine haunted houses have spooky rooms with reports of music, voices, and sightings to satisfy any paranormal seeker.
Seguin Lighthouse on Seguin Island, Maine.Charlie Kellogg - Flickr.

— Seguin Island Light Station

“Members of the Friends of Seguin Island Light Station can spend the night in the lighthouses' guest quarters. But those with a fear of ghosts might be advised against it.”

Though it looks bright and beautiful during the day, it is probably the most well-known ghost story of Maine lighthouses. The legendary tale of the lighthouse keeper reveals how he reportedly bought his wife a piano to keep her from boredom as he performed his assignment at this isolated location.

However, she had only the one page of sheet music that came with the piano, and she played it incessantly. Hearing it repeatedly supposedly drove her husband to madness, and he took a hatchet to the piano, her, and finally, himself.
Biddeford, ME - Wood Island Lighthouse.Hidden Fox Photography - WikiCommons.

— Wood Island Lighthouse

A lighthouse located off a rocky shore in Maine is known for the ghastly, ghostly presence of Howard Hobbs. Legend has it this young man shot the local Sherriff after a drunken fight and fled for a nearby lighthouse.

After confessing his sins to the lighthouse keeper, Hobbs then shot himself, only to have the keeper do the same a few days later. When visiting nowadays, prepare to hear echoes of ghostly gunshots from the past. Not enough? Doors will open and swing shut, and dark shadows are seen lurking around Wood Island Lighthouse, either day or night.
Bangor, Maine - Mount Hope Cemetery aka Pet Sematary.Kevin Dooley - Flickr.

— Mount Hope Cemetery

Looking for a creepy, famous, well-haunted cemetery? Look no further than the Mount Hope Cemetery near the home of Maine’s most-prominent resident.

That’s right, Stephen King got his inspiration for Pet Sematary here. Famous gangsters are buried beneath its soil, and daily sightings are reported. This place has the spooks and is one cemetery that you should not overlook.
Owl's Head Light.Lee Bennett - Flickr.

— Owl’s Head Light

Spirits photographed, fresh footsteps in the snow, and a Sea Captain’s imaginary friends have this lighthouse buzzing with activity. At Owl’s Head Light in Maine, numerous people, including the family of Coast Guard members, have seen, heard, and experienced much paranormal activity.
The Ram Island Ledge Light.Jsfouche - Flickr.

— Ram Island Ledge Light

A now historically preserved monument holds the home of a lady in white. According to legend, a woman from the 17th century waved a light to warn sailors of sharp rocks below the Ram Island Ledge Light. To this day, people still talk about sightings of this lady protecting people near her beloved lighthouse.
Marshall Point Lighthouse at Port Clyde, ME.Justinrussell - Flickr.

— Marshall Point

This historical lighthouse is open all year for those seeking history and possible spiritual sightings. The Marshall Point Lighthouse has been famous for the sightings of a young boy once killed by alleged moonshine gangsters by locals and visitors.

Final thoughts

These haunted Maine attractions are sure to fulfill any thrill seeker’s bucket list with legends to real-life stories. Maine offers beautiful, historic lighthouses, haunted inns, and famous cemeteries. There's only one way to find out if a ghost story is fictional or factual, visit the attraction and experience it firsthand. If you dare.

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