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Would you build a Maine vacation around craft beer tasting?

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The Great Lost Bear in Portland, ME, serving Maine's microbrews.Bernt Rostad - Flickr

If you were considering taking a vacation to taste various craft beers, there would not be a better state to do that in than Maine. According to the Bangor Daily News (BDN), “Maine now has the most breweries per capita of any US state. As of 2021, Maine has one brewery for every 8,654 people… the Pine Tree State has just edged out the Green Mountain State.” It’s wicked good, ayuh!

News Center Maine agrees; they uploaded this update to YouTube.

Maine leads the way in the craft beer industry

Microbreweries and craft beers took off in popularity nearly a decade ago; now, they appear to be pulling the food truck industry along with them. Maine is seeing a significant boom in both industries.

Enjoy Craft Beer While Visiting Maine

Maine vacations are full of fun and adventures, especially when testing out all the craft beers Maine offers. Craft beers are becoming more popular as they are made locally and provide a unique experience to customers from around the country.

The pandemic came in with a vengeance and took a financial strain. It made all businesses unpredictable. However, breweries continue to grow and do remarkably well.

Maine’s brewing industry continues to grow to create new places and adventures for the community and tourists. If you’re heading to Maine this year, visiting the new Maine craft breweries in Machias and Eastport in Washington County, Maine, is a must.

Two new microbreweries open in Washington County, ME

Visiting Maine’s Washington County can bring a unique experience of oceans, museums, mountains. There is so much to do and see.

During your visit, try the new Horn Run Brewing Company in Eastport, ME, and the Bad Little Brewing Company in Machias, ME, to satisfy your thirst on a hot summer day.

The companies have started brewing and will be bringing the brew to tap sometime in July 2021. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has recently approved a grant to Bad Little Brewing to help with renovations.

As a startup brewery, they have received several loans to help with the startup and brewing costs to get up and running during 2021. The Bad Little Brewing Company is owned by Shawn Lent and Kathryn Toppan (both beer lovers). They opened the brewery in a historic location to open a taproom, restaurant, and brewery. Toppan and Lent moved to the area permanently in 2019.

The Horn Run Brewing Company is run by Lisa and Jeff Smith, two Washington County natives. They got their business up and running since Jeff Smith has enjoyed brewing his beer for years.

When the two met, they traveled all over the country sampling beer and gathering ideas in hopes of opening a brewery one day. The two signed a lease last December, one of their first steps to start a brewery.

Horn Run plans to provide various options such as a White Cap, Belgian, Day Drinkah, Session IPA, Maiden Voyage, and Irish Red. Horn Run also plans to partner with local food trucks to feed the hungry masses enjoying the beer. This partnership will permit Horn Brew the benefit of concentrating on crafting and serving beer without having to worry about the food side. It’s an intelligent move to link the two businesses.

Allagash Brewing Co.Photo by Cliff from Flickr

Allagash Brewing Co. and Bite into Maine food trucks enjoy a successful business partnership in three locations across Maine.

It’s only natural to grab a slice of Pat's Pizza Machias from the food truck or an incredible schnitzel sandwich on poppy seed rye from Jo's World-Famous Schnitzel Wagon, sip a good old-fashion White Cap, while you chat and laugh with friends.

It’s only natural to grab a slice of Pat's Pizza Machias from the food truck or an incredible schnitzel sandwich on poppy seed rye from Jo's World-Famous Schnitzel Wagon, sip a good old-fashion White Cap, while you chat and laugh with friends.

Machias, ME Jo's World-Famous Schnitzel Wagon.By the author.

Food trucks are springing up all over Maine, and the world, in fact. These craft beer breweries hope the popularity of food trucks will support their microbrewery and provide fast, delicious food for their customers.

Stone Coast Brewing Co. canning line.Cliff - Flickr

Is it the power of natural selection in action?

In 2020, nearly 346 breweries closed across the county. The number of closures may look like a considerable number, but compared to the 716 openings that have occurred, it is great to see because it could indicate natural selection. If your beer isn't good enough, it won't survive. Yet, Maine continues to excel in brewery expansion and stays competitive.

Maine continues to be a tourist destination for millions of visitors each year. Visitors love spending time outdoors, enjoying some local craft beers, eating local seafood, and spending time with family.


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The News Center Maine video.

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