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Family Fun Things to Do in Portsmouth, New Hampshire This Summer

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The Moran Tugboats at Portsmouth, NH License #633895430

Portsmouth is a historic port city in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, famous for historical tourism. But what are the best places for family fun?

What to Do in Portsmouth, NH

As a kid, I lived just before the old bridge crossing into Maine on Route #1. It was an exciting time for a kid because all the truckers used to travel that way. There were several gas stations where most bought their gas because NH doesn’t have a sales tax, making it more profitable for them.

We used to stand on the overpass right in front of my house and pump our arms for the truckers to blast their air horns as they went under us.

I remember school field trips there were terrific for me as a history buff. We always went to the house of one Revolutionary War hero or another.

Portsmouth, NH, is rich in culture, architecture, and scenic beauty, making this 13-mile seacoast with shorelines of rough rock and sandy beaches the perfect destination for a family getaway.

Take a walking tour at one of the many historical museums, bike or boat along the coast, visit an amusement park or relax and watch boats coming and going from the harbor.

You absolutely have to take a walking tour of Ceres Street on the harbor and get unbelievable pictures of the Moran tugboats (pictured above) docked there. The kids will love it; I know I did.


The Strawbery Banke Museum by the Author

The Strawbery Banke Museum is a 10-acre outdoor historical museum in the oldest neighborhood of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There are over 37 restored buildings built between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Every year since 1979, the Strawbery Banke Museum has captured the seasonal holiday traditions of the historical houses. This year, despite physical distancing and exterior-only safety measures, the magic of the historical Candlelight stroll endures!


More of the Strawbery Banke Museum by the Author

Handmade crafted wreaths from live greens and dried flowers, lights, and role-players, recreate traditions of Times past highlight this event.

Don’t worry about lunch; there are a general store and café just inside the gates where you and the family can get sandwiches and healthy salads. You won’t go hungry here.

The USS Albacore Museum

Serving as a maritime museum and host to the USS Albacore, a 205-foot U.S. Navy submarine, which was the most advanced submarine before atomic submarines and is used today as a prototype for modern submarines.

The USS Albacore Museum is open to the public year-round, and you can go inside and look through this well-preserved submarine, look through the periscope, explore the control room and sleeping quarters, and hear stories about crew members when they were at sea.


The American Independence History Museum from the Wiki-Commons Gallery

The American Independence Museum

The 18th century Ladd Gilman house, Folsom Tavern, and over an acre of the landscaped property make the American Independence Museum the place of the American revolution.

In 2021, for the 30th year in a row, on July 4th through July 16th, the American Independent Festival kicks off the celebration. It is a celebration of the war's commencement, which helped us gain our freedom from Britain and establish our country on July 4th, 1776.

People dressed in periodic clothing from revolutionary times will read the Declaration of Independence and recite George Washington's words.

One of the highlights might well be Jude Hall's history, a black Revolutionary War soldier, and the story of how he and his family contributed to America.

Water Country

You and your family can get drenched on 26 Acres of family-friendly fun! Swimming pools, water slides, wave pools, a high-intensity 58-foot, high-speed slide, and rides the whole family can play on together. Water Country boasts lots of clean, clear water and safety.


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