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Family Fun Things to Do in Bucksport, Maine This Summer

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While planning a family vacation this summer, Bucksport, Maine might not at the top of your list, but maybe it should be. It has tons of fun for the whole family.

What to Do in Bucksport, Maine

I don’t want to make this commercial or as an ad for anyone, but right on Bucksport's main road is the Dairy Port (see the picture above). This is a small window service ice cream shop with soft serve or scoops of dozens of ice cream flavors in sugar cones. Be prepared to wait in line because they are busy all summer long.

If you are looking to get away from city life for a while, then a visit to Bucksport, Maine, would be an excellent choice. With less than five thousand residents, it has a small-town feel that makes a good escape from living in the city or suburbs. The Bucksport T-Shirt.

Camden Hills State Park


Camden Hills State Park from the Peak by the Author

This is a park with a lot of outdoor activities, and it is not far from Bucksport. Its many outdoor activities include boating, fishing, hiking, and swimming. Because this is a coastal town, this park contains some of the oldest and best seafood restaurants you will find.


Maine Camden Hills State Park Campgrounds

Fort Knox State Park

This fort was built in the mid-eighteen hundreds out of granite from the local quarries. This is unusual for this area where most old forts are made from wood or dug into the earth and fortified with stone.

Built to protect the Penobscot River waterway, today, it is a popular tourist attraction. “It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969,” and it is a “National Historic Landmark.”

You’ll want to take along a picnic lunch and some bottled water to stay hydrated.

Mount Waldo

This is a great scenic viewing area with an altitude of about 1,000 feet. It offers a four-mile hike along the Quarry Trail to reach the summit, where the view is spectacular. If you and your family like hiking, this is a spot you will enjoy.

Verona Island

This scenic island is just a short drive over the bridge from Bucksport. This former shipbuilding town is a popular tourist destination. Verona Island is a good place for kayaking and paddleboarding. It also has plenty of gift shops to get souvenirs and restaurants to get lunch or dinner. This island is also known for its view of the Penobscot River and the bay.


Inside the Pentagoet Inn Lobby by the Author

Pentagoet Inn

This would be an excellent place to book a room for your family while you were in the area. It has an old-fashioned charm that is missing from modern hotel chains. Even if you choose to stay someplace else, this old inn is still worth a visit. An overnight here is like a "Night at the Museum."

Stockton Harbor Cruises

No view of any harbor is as spectacular as you will get from a boat. Taking a harbor cruise is both a relaxing and enjoyable activity for the entire family. You will get to relax and unwind while the children enjoy the boat ride and scenic views all around them.

When planning your vacation this summer, do not forget about Bucksport. It is a destination that your family will enjoy while giving you a chance to have fun with them.

It is a great way to build memories. Ultimately, memories are the best thing that you can take away from a family vacation. As your children grow up, you will not always be together. However, family vacations are a great way to build memories that will last everyone's lifetime.


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