A Virtual Reality (VR) Home Gym for Fun & Stress Release

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Is it all in your head? No, but you can start with a high-quality virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) and a few accessories.

Your home could be the best place to keep fit with a home-made gym, which is very affordable compared to going to the gym.

Virtual Reality (VR) can make your home gym fun and enjoyable. Even when you buy multiple accessories and optional equipment, it can cost far less than you would pay for an annual membership.

What's more, you might not even get to use it, especially when the government forces many businesses to function only as non-contact. That is kind of difficult to do as a full-service gym.

Play Station Virtual Reality (PSVR) and Oculus Quest are two of the best virtual reality platforms that make exercising at home possible and lots more fun.

This year, 2021, could be just as challenging as last year when it comes to finding open workout facilities. We’ve become too accustomed to our new normal.

The pandemic and social distancing have forced everyone to find ways to keep fit from the comfort of their home.

What’s more, with VR it doesn’t even seem like you are working out. It’s more like you’re just playing a game. Plus, you can get the entire family involved and beat some of that cabin fever.


Pistol Whip Screenshot by the Author

The 3D Rudder for PSVR

The 3D Rudder for PSVR is the foot-powered controller that allows you to move with your feet and keep your hands free to punch, hit, shoot, or grab objects. You can move backward, forward, side-to-side, turn and orbit, control your speed, and much more with your feet.

The rudder is compatible with many PSVR or PS4 games like the Space Junkies, Sairento, Immortal Legacy, The Wizards Enhanced, Scraper, and many more.


VR Weight Vest by the Author

Weight Vest for VR

Many wouldn’t consider adding weight to lose weight from their VR workouts. However, the weight vest is one of the best fitness equipment pieces to use in your new home gym. A weighted vest is an optimal method to add resistance to your VR workout regardless of the game.

Rogue Fitness, Amazon, Walmart, and others all carry weighted vests for your workout. They also carry wrist and ankle weights if you need those. I have no affiliate status with any of these companies. I use their equipment because they have a lot to offer, they're reasonably priced, and they are well-made. However, if you can’t find those locally, Google it!

It can make a dramatic difference with Box VR, Creed: Rise to Glory, and others. Some say Hot Squat is one of the best games for a leg workout that you can do every day using a weighted vest.

But it would be best if you remember to take it slow. Start with a low-weight vest to avoid pulled muscles, strained hamstrings, shin splints, and many others. When you start with a too-heavy vest, you can lose your balance quickly and injure something.

The lowest weight is the 2.5 kg vest, while the heaviest is around 10 kg. Always consider your physical condition before you decide on the starting weight. A 2.5 kg vest is a good start that can help you get the right leg work out.


Don’t let your stay at home during this lockdown ruin your fitness level. You don’t need a lot of money for a home gym if you have Virtual Reality. Use whatever you have at home and work with that.

Add a few optional equipment items for your VR home gym. Make good use of virtual reality to keep your body fit at an affordable price. Home training only requires a high level of dedication and determination.

Realizing it is challenging to get into see a doctor right now, it is still best to consult a doctor before you start a rigorous training program, even with a game. Start slow and ease into it. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The trick is to get started and keep going.

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