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A guide to being a responsible cat owner in Saint Paul

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SAINT PAUL, MN — All cat owners must agree on how a cat is a good companion. They are furry, cute and sassy, while the domestic cats imagine themselves as mighty-lions. However, being an indoor or outdoor cat won't prevent them from being at risk. The differently-treated cats have the same potential to get attacked by predators, exposed to a contagious disease, trapped, accidental or intentional poisoning, Injury, unwanted pregnancy and even death from fighting or car accident.

Cats can be boisterous as well as causing a lot of trouble for the neighbor by urinating and interrupting their personal space. In this case, a property owner is allowed to remove cats that come on their properties.

Saint Paul Animal Services allows cats to be outside as long as they have got rabies vaccination and are under the owner's surveillance. However, it is recommended for the cats to be kept inside.

Saint Paul Animal Services advises cats to be spayed and neutered to prevent any unwanted kittens. This idea is also supported by the fact that spayed or neutered cats create fewer nuisances and have less stinky urine. Community cats will be spayed and neutered through a TNR (trap-neuter-return) program to control the cat's population from exploding.

There are plenty of reasons people decide to adopt a cat, and sometimes it doesn't work out for so many different reasons, such as Allergies and financial changes. If those situations occur, calling Saint Paul Animal Services or another animal shelter will be the solution rather than just releasing them on the street. Most of them don't have enough survival skills as outdoor cats do and most likely to be sick or dead. If you see this happens somewhere, make sure to call Saint Paul Animal Services immediately.

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