Opinion: Stacey Abrams appears on Star Trek as "president of earth"

Stephanie Leguichard

Stacey Abrams at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, ArizonaWikimedia Commons

It's not everyday that the worlds of politics and sci-fi collide. But they did so in the recent season four finale of Star Trek, titled "Coming Home." Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made an appearance in the venerable role of "president of the United Earth."

Her character reinstated the United Earth's alliance with the Federation of Planets, an endeavor analogous to her aims on earth. She has intimated in the past that she "absolutely" aspires to run for president of the real earth at some point.

But for now, Star Trek fans must content themselves with embracing her status as the illustrious leader of a fictional earth.

Her lines are rather sparse, but the ones she delivers are impactful. At one point, she triumphantly declares, "United Earth is ready right now to rejoin the Federation, and nothing could make me happier than to say those words."

She plays a pivotal role in the final scene of the episode, which depicts her character discussing Earth's reintegration into the Federation of Planets with Michael Burnham, the main character of the series.

Abrams has waxed poetic about Star Trek in the past, divulging that she "binge-watched" Discovery during her 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

She told the New York Times in 2019, "I love Voyager and I love Discovery and of course I respect the original, but I revere The Next Generation."

Witnessing her role in the beloved sci-fi drama has prompted many of Abrams' supporters and fans to speculate about whether she will soon assume a political role that more closely approximates her prestigious leadership position in the show.

On November 8th of this year, she will contest incumbent Brian Kemp in Georgia's gubernatorial election. Polls suggest that 49% of Georgian voters currently plan to vote for Kemp, whereas 47% support Abrams. Given that the 2% discrepancy is within the margin of error, it remains difficult to predict the fate of the election as of now.

As a result, Abrams supporters are girding themselves for a potential loss, while also devoting their energy to bolstering her campaign.

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