Yellow Springs, OH

Yellow Springs, Ohio a crossroad of diversity.

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It’s A Saturday in late January around noon, with snow on the ground from prior days of snow, in the mid-’40s. Yellow Springs, Ohio is a unique experience every time you visit, it is known for many things and many nicknames in the region, growing up about 25 minutes from it most of my life, I have visited many times. it is known perhaps for Glen Helen's nature preserve, but also its incredibly diverse culture, this is a place where everyone is accepted and greeted with open arms. Many people here are those who in many communities could be viewed as different or unequal. This is not the case as everyone is equal, both morally and under the law. Nevertheless, we know this is not always the case, Yellow Springs has a high population of LGBTQ, alternative religions, peace supporters, and war protestors, and unlike many cities in the area a very active and busy downtown area.

Yellow Springs consists of specialty shops of many types, that you won’t find even in major cities. The village of Yellow Springs is not that big, in population or land, but that does not stop them from being a tourist attraction or popular hangout. Everything from an herb shop, bookstore, art theatre, and grocery store. To specialties like tarot readings, glass shops, import stores, and much more. As I said every time you go to Yellow Springs there is always a chance of learning something new.

This visit was simply a social life project, for an assignment in my advancement degree program on social life. On this day I saw three women sitting on a street corner holding signs protesting the war. The signs were promoting peace over war. When speaking to these women I was informed they have been out there every Saturday for the last twenty-three years, even with the blizzard-like conditions the area suffered on Christmas weekend. The ladies are part of a local interfaith group. I promised the ladies I would highlight their efforts so ladies, keep up your good work, and of course, it’s a message we should all think about. If you would like more information about businesses and organizations in Yellow Springs, contact the Chamber of Commerce here.
Entering Yellow Springs, OhioPhoto bySteel Ohio Media
Three members of an interfaith group deliver their message of peace.Photo bySteel Ohio Media
Winter? bah, family walk including the furbabiesPhoto bySteel Ohio Media
Young people hanging out safely on the streets, don't see that often these days.Photo bySteel Ohio Media
Well, many say Yellow Springs often contradicts the rules, what do you think?Photo bySteel Ohio Media
Two men walking a dog asking if the Bengals will win on Sunday.Photo bySteel Ohio Media
Peach's GrillPhoto bySteel Ohio Media

ttoosDragon Tree a and GiftsTa
Urban HandmadePhoto bySteel Ohio Media
Ohio Silver Company and Little Art TheatrePhoto bySteel Ohio Media

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