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This is original content from NewsBreak’s Creator Program. Join today to publish and share your own content. The other day was my grandson's 6th birthday, a time for celebration. Food, family and fun. Yet my heart is heavy, and I am worried over something that I should not have to worry about. One of the gifts that my grandson received was a BB gun. He also received water guns and Nerf guns, no big deal, but the BB gun was very, very realistic looking. It brought back a horrible memory that happened 15 years ago when my son was 16. I had bought him a realistic looking paintball gun. He was so excited but agreed that he would keep it in the top of his closet and only use it in the backyard. Of course, he did not listen and had taken it in the car and had it in the glovebox and could not resist taking it out at a gas station and showing a friend. Of course, someone called the police because as far as they knew they saw two young men and one of them had a gun. As my son drove away from the gas station, he was soon surrounded by police cars. Officers pulled their weapons on him and ordered him out of the car. Thank goodness he did not panic or question them. He did what they said. If not, I may have been mourning him that day instead of scolding him when the policemen brought him to my door. As I watch news stories unfold daily, I realize how blessed we were at that time. I understand that things could have ended very, very differently.

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