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Packages disappearing from your front porch? Package theft is on the rise in Denver

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Ever since the pandemic, online shopping and home delivery have increased significantly. E-commerce companies continue to grow and sales are projected to continue skyrocketing. Although receiving a package at home is extremely convenient, there is one part of the experience that companies cannot stop, and that is theft.

In Denver, package thefts have more than doubled in 2021 compared to 2019. If you happen to log into neighborhood sites such as Nexdoor, you will find numerous complaints about packages being stolen.

Over 629 cases of package theft have been reported to the Denver Police Department so far in 2021. According to the Denver Police Department, Denver has seen a 40% increase in packages stolen in comparison to 2020 when only 451 package thefts were reported.

Things worsen when you compare 2021 with 2019 when there were 303 packages reported stolen which means that in total, there has been a 108% increase in 2021.

Many people believe that although the numbers are extremely startling, this is primarily due to the pandemic and the fact that touchless, home delivery has been accelerated. The numbers of packages have increased which logically, means that the number of thefts will increase.

The Denver Police has provided some tips to prevent packages from getting stolen which include:

- Tracking the package to ensure you are when it arrives and ensuring that it requires a signature

- Bringing the package into the house immediately and not letting it sit outside

- If you will be gone, having the package sent to your workplace or a friend who will be at home

- Having the package shipped to a self-service locker


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