Mom-to-be slammed for asking partner to peel banana


A pregnant woman is getting slammed on the internet for asking her partner to peel and cut up a banana despite knowing he has a sensory sensitivity to the fruit.

The author's now-viral post, reported by Samantha Berlin on Newsweek, has amassed more than 7,100 upvotes and 4,500 million comments.

The 24-year-old poster said that her boyfriend "Lyle" has untreated ADHD. "He's pretty normal about 85% of the time, so I haven't really pushed it. One thing that really affects him though is sensory problems." But she admits that his most significant sensory aversion is bananas.

Despite knowing this, she made no qualms about asking him to pick up some bananas because she had a "craving." She went on to ask him to "peel it, cut it, and bring it" to her, which she "really didn't think that was a big deal."

When her partner "blew up" about the whole thing, she told him that "plenty of people have foods they don't like, and he either needs to grow up or seek help for his illness because he's acting like a child and his problem with bananas is completely abnormal."

Mommy Brain

Of course, she isn't the first pregnant woman to fall victim to "mommy brain." But some commenters on the forum disagreed with her, saying she was wrong for not being more considerate of her partner's disorder.

It's common for women to have mood swings in the early and late stages of pregnancy due to the influx of hormones. And while some lucky women don't seem to experience any adverse side effects, others have to deal with everything from acne to anxiety.

"Pregnancy is a transition point in a woman's life and during any transition, a person's emotions can be up and down." — Dr. Mary Kimmel, Assistant Professor, and Co-Director, Perinatal Psychiatry Program

Regardless of what drove this mom-to-be to ask her partner to do something that she knew would upset him, one thing is for sure pregnancy may not be a good enough excuse to disregard your partner's feelings.

What do you think? Is pregnancy a valid excuse for this mom-to-be's blunder? Let us know in the comments below!

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