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Loss of Employees Often Caused by Toxic Environment, Managers

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Administrative and managerial roles have been tested more than ever in recent years because of the pandemic, a recession, and the war between Ukraine and Russia. With many employees working from home or following a hybrid office/home schedule, it is more challenging to keep productivity up and to monitor employees’ performances. The issue that is really making waves is that poor management or administration may be the cause of poor performance or loss of labor.

Employees that don’t feel valued, feel ignored, not listened to, or who only get communication from higher-ups if there’s a screw-up, tend not to feel loyalty to the employer, especially if there’s no face-to-face contact with the superiors they report to.

Recent studies have shown that the most accurate prediction of employee turnover is a negative work environment or culture, instead of the usual complaints about salary, benefits, or opportunities for promotion.

One study conducted by AllWork, a company that follows business trends, found that 44% of today’s workers want to quit their jobs, despite the huge labor shortage in the U.S. The main reason for this, as indicated in the study, was a toxic work environment. This not only is causing more people to quit but is also holding good candidates back from accepting jobs.

This “toxicity” can come in many forms. It’s mainly seen in the lack of a supportive, uplifting, and positive work environment. If an employee only hears from the boss when a problem is occurring, it can cause a loss of respect for the supervisor and a loss of loyalty to the company. If at the office, employees only hear the woes of the company, productivity will most likely decrease. If workers think that the company is in bad shape, they are more apt to quit to find a more secure position.

This is the worst time in decades for a decrease in productivity. With the cost of gas, groceries, and most everything else skyrocketing, jobs and reliable, loyal employees are needed more than ever. While so many companies are hiring right now, potential employees are wary of the work/home ratio, meaning that they are seeking employers who support worker wellness as much as they need employee production.

For example, a company in Grapevine, TX called Solo offers good pay and benefits, provides a market for employee lunches, has a game room, and gives new employees a small stipend to spend on something for their physical and/or mental health, such as new running shoes or a new bicycle. This communicates to the potential hire that the company does care about them as human beings, not just worker drones. The culture is laid-back and wearing jeans to work is just fine.

Of course, this environment is not always possible or practical in the corporate world. Instead of offering these extras, employee retention may be as easy as treating a worker with respect and doling out compliments and accolades when warranted.

All human beings universally want two things: To be heard and to be respected. For administrators or managers who are losing employees, think about company management strategies.

  • How do you speak to employees? Would you like to be spoken to like that?
  • Are you abusing your influence to scare or manipulate employees into staying late or working more?
  • Do you ask for employee feedback at least once a quarter?
  • Do you have an “open door” policy so that your people know they can talk to you without being judged?
  • Are all the job descriptions for positions in your company well-defined? Do your employees know exactly what is expected of them?
  • Do you provide employees with incentives and praise?

Changing the company climate in the office or with remote workers can be simple. There will always be truly problematic employees, but if managers do their jobs well, the good workers will stay around for a much longer time and quality new hires will be more in reach.

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