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Flock of Sheep in the Midst of Town Draws Attention

Stacey Doud
"George" the ramStacey Doud

With it being Easter weekend, attention is widely turned to thoughts of rebirth and renewal. Even Mother Nature has these topics on her mind, as Spring starts yielding baby animals of all kinds.

Grapevine, TX is no exception. Bird nests with eggs are being discovered, bald eagles are back in their trees, bringing food to their offspring, Nash Farm is harvesting crops and dealing with baby animals, the Botanical Gardens are changing out lovely plants and flowers, and the Grapevine Shepherd’s herd is multiplying quickly.
One of the newest lambsStacey Doud

Located just off of Main Street, a tract of land on the corner of two well-traveled streets is home to a flock of sheep owned by Mohamed Benali. Coming across his livestock is sometimes a shock for visitors, as they are usually looking for festival parking. All of a sudden, they come upon these fluffy beasts in the midst of several parking lot options.
Benali's flockStacey Doud

Benali has been a Grapevine resident for many years, but after about 13 years of living “in town” while his land went unused, he decided he wanted to raise livestock. He chose sheep because “cows need a bigger space and more food. Same with horses,” Benali said.

The sheep business is a family affair.

“The kids have been tending the sheep when they are available. but I look after them, too,” he said. “I see people stopping and taking photos. I’m glad they enjoy the animals.”

Many people take some time to get close to the fence and watch, or try to pet, the several ewes, lambs, and the one ram in the flock. Local neighbors, including the Grapevine VFW Post, which is across the street, have made a habit of throwing sheep food, treats, vegetables, and fruit rinds to the sheep, as they appreciate the animals and find respite in communing with them.

Unfortunately, the tract of land that the sheep graze on is an oasis in the midst of housing developments. A builder has come in and has made a subdivision right behind, as well as to the right, of Benali’s land. The sheep don’t seem to mind, but this peaceful area is now full of construction sounds. As of now, Benali has no plans to sell his land, according to his son.

The video below is guaranteed to produce smiles. Enjoy!

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