March is more than St. Patrick's Day: March 22 - 25: Part 5 of 6

Stacey Doud

March is full of lesser-known and even strange "holidays." Check out my previous articles to see what you may have missed!

March 22:

National Goof Off Day was allegedly created by Monica "Moeller" Dufour from Michigan and her grandfather. Dufour's granddad was a radio DJ, and when Dufour was around the age of 10, she called into his radio show anonymously, suggesting "Goof-Off Day," most likely because she had been goofing off. A local newspaper heard the suggestion and Granddad's thought that it was a great idea, even though he had no idea who called it in. Dufour confessed the next day, but since an article was already in the paper, National Goof Off Day was born.

So, today, you have the Dufours' permission to goof off at your desk or wherever you may spend your "working hours." Go play video games, go shopping, take a 4-hour lunch, or whatever tickles your fancy. If your boss gets onto you, just say, "It's National Goof-Off Day!" and show him or her this article.

March 23:
National Near Miss DayDreamtime

Near Miss Day honors the day that Earth had a near-miss with a huge asteroid that came within 500,000 miles of the Earth on March 23, 1989.

But that's not the only near-miss.

On September 27, 2003, a meteor approximately 10 meters in diameter came within 54,700 miles of Earth. In March 2022, an asteroid that was approximately 70 meters long, came within 288,000 of Earth.

Yes, we were that close to being obliterated by space objects...but we weren't. So let's celebrate Near Miss Day by comparing your life today to what it would be if all life on Earth was vaporized. The dinosaurs know, so it shouldn't be a tough exercise.

March 24:

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day is a day to honor all varieties of chocolate-covered raisins. Sure, this dehydrated grape food is yummy on its own, but dip it in some kind of chocolate, and it becomes yummy times three. It's a great way to get kids to eat raisins!

Interestingly, this "holiday" falls in the Christian week of Lent, when many people give up chocolates. Perhaps chocolate factories everywhere decided to mess with the traditions of this holy week, as there isn't any verifiable information about who or why National Chocolate Raisin Day was created.

March 25:
International Waffle DayVectorStock

International Waffle Day was established in Sweden, where it is called Våffeldagen [say that five times fast]. March 25 is the start of spring in Europe as well. Who wouldn't want to chomp on some banana nut waffles in a beautiful dewy meadow? Definitely not the Swedish!

Go on out to your favorite breakfast eatery and enjoy all the yummy goodness of waffles today! Or give your kid(s) a recipe and let them burn your house mean, cook.

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