2020 Election: Please Consider This

Stacey Doud

I very seldom write anything about politics. If I say anything, I'll be pigeonhoed into "left" or "right;" "Democrat" or "Repulican," blah blah. And then people try to change my mind if it doesn't line up with what they believe and feel is right. Has anyone's mind ever changed because of an interactoin like this? I doubt it, but I'm sure it happens once in a blue moon (like on Halloween, when there WAS a blue moon :) Everyone's opinion is technically correct anyway, whether you agree or not.

Anyway, this election, just like the one in 2016, is intense. I can just see folks, whose chosen candidate loses, going into hysterics and being emotionally affected to the extreme. I hope that that doesn't happen, but folks get so very passionate about their candidate. It reminds me of American Horror Story: Cult where one of the main characters just freaks out and then gets PTSD when Trump first got elected. Another main character was super-charged and was the one that ended up establishing the title's cult (I am not saying that if Trump wins, people will start forming cults and making Kool-Aid.This was just an example).

Lord only knows what the results of this election will be, with both candidates having similar electoral votes. I just pray there's no looting or freaking out, no matter who is elected.


My one wish for this election is that folks find a way to keep the peace, no matter who wins. You couldn't get me to be president for a billion dollars, so I also pray that whomever wins can stay healthy and not get overstressed. If you think about it, our president is the fall guy for everything, even though each movement on the political chess board involves many people, not just the POTUS.

I hope you voted, and if your candidate doesn't win, be mad, sad or whatever in private. In the big scheme of things, this is a blip in time.

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