Retales - Part 3 of ?: Drunk Dude at Midnight

Stacey Doud

Last night was strange. I know that technically, the full moon was on 10/31, so I can't totally blame that.

But as a fairly new employee, I had to test my skills when this guy that came in completely hammered, asking if he could buy a beer. Of course, I said that we were closing (it was almost midnight) and he couldn't buy one at our store.

He kept creeping one of my younger co-workers out by telling her how beautiful her eyes are and then trying to make a poem. It went something like this (read in a slurred voice):

Your eyes are so pretty. You are fu**ing awesome. Where can I buy a beer? Everything is closed. *burp* Oops. That's my love for you coming out.

Lots of other obscenities were peppered through his 1 - 2 minute ramble. My co-worker seemed just petrified. She's young. So I gave the guy a name of a bar and suggested he get an Uber, but he claimed he was, "Fine to drive." I hate that, but his actions were not under my control. Then I told him we were closing and he needed to leave, which he took pretty well, even in his inebriated state. I wonder if he'll even remember his visit to us when he wakes up today.

I just hope he got home okay.


These are tales from my job at a corner drug store. I'm sure many of my readers either currently work or have worked in retail in the past in some form or fashion in your lives. I'd love to for you to share any funny, weird or even jaw-dropping experiences that you have had as a person who interacts with the general public (if you won't get in trouble, of course).

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