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NYC Unveils 24/7 Center for Asylum Seekers: Here’s What You Need to Know

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on Tuesday morning that the city will be opening a 24/7 asylum seeker arrival center to help migrants access the support and services they need. This move comes in response to the ongoing migrant crisis, with nearly 50,000 migrants having gone through the system since last spring, and over 30,000 currently in the city's care.

The center will offer a range of services, including legal assistance, training for employment, and access to housing and other essential services. It will replicate the successful services provided at the Port Authority Bus Terminal last summer and those currently being offered at the Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center (HERRC) locations.

Mayor Eric Adams Takes Bold Action

Mayor Eric Adams has been proactive in his response to the crisis, creating an Office of Asylum Seeker Operations and partnering with SUNY Sullivan to provide job training and housing. He has also established a program with houses of worship to provide asylum seekers with a place to stay and connection to services.

The goal is to help migrants become self-sufficient as soon as possible and then find employment. Some of those asylum seekers will be moved out of the city, but the mayor did not say where they would be relocated. However, he did say that the city will continue to advocate for the state and federal governments to provide additional financial and operational support.

Creating a Pathway to Resettlement

Mayor Adams has also stated that the city plans to create a pathway to resettlement in pre-vetted cities and municipalities that welcome asylum seekers. While there are many cities across the country that want to help, the mayor emphasized that he does not want the media to report on the locations of these cities to avoid any interference with the resettlement process.

Providing Much-Needed Assistance

New York City is spending approximately $364 a day for every migrant household, which amounts to about $4.6 million in a single day. While the state budget has set aside about a billion dollars to help with the migrant crisis, New York City will only receive a portion of the $8 million in federal funding from FEMA, as the city has not applied for the money yet.

Mayor Adams argues that this funding is not nearly enough, as projections show the city could end up spending $1.4 billion on the migrant crisis this fiscal year, and double that the next fiscal year. Despite the financial challenges, the mayor remains committed to providing much-needed assistance to asylum seekers.

The Biden Administration's Response

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is considering reinstating a policy that would detain migrant families who cross the border illegally. However, no decisions have been made yet as they prepare for title 42 to lift.


New York City's decision to open a 24/7 asylum seeker arrival center is a significant step towards addressing the ongoing migrant crisis. Mayor Eric Adams has shown strong leadership in his response to the crisis, taking proactive measures to provide asylum seekers with the support and services they need. While financial challenges remain, the city remains committed to providing assistance to those in need.


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