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In contrast to 2020 for many, the 2021 holiday season is bound to be filled with gatherings of friends and family. These gatherings will be held despite the continued threat of COVID-19 transmission.

Many who are attending gatherings will be traveling to the location. Because of the threat of transmission, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a list of guidelines for travel:

  • If traveling unvaccinated, follow CDC’s travel recommendations
  • Domestic travel guidelines can be found here
  • International travel guidelines are here
  • If traveling as a group, choose travel options safer than public transportation or confined air or rail methods
  • Even if vaccinated, wear a well-fitting mask that covers the mouth and nose

Once arriving at the gathering, participants should follow these guidelines for celebrating safely in this environment:

  • Get vaccinated to help protect those who are not yet eligible such as young children
  • Wear well-fitting masks that cover both the mouth and nose if not vaccinated and in public indoor settings
  • Wear a mask even if vaccinated if in an indoor setting with substantial-to-high risk of transmission
  • Avoid crowded and poorly-ventilated settings
  • Don’t host or attend gatherings if you are sick or have symptoms
  • Get tested if you have symptoms of or have contact with someone who has COVID-19

Other considerations to be taken, according to the CDC, include:

  • Those who have a condition or are taking medication that can weaken the immune system should follow guidelines as if not vaccinated, even if fully vaccinated and having received an additional dose (booster), including wearing a well-fitting mask
  • To protect others, wear a mask when the gathering includes those who may have a weakened immune system, even if fully vaccinated
  • Additional steps such as avoiding crowded indoor spaces and taking a test beforehand are recommended if gathering with people from multiple households, from different parts of the country, or from different countries
  • Do not mask children under the age of 2

CDC’s full recommendations for celebrating the holidays and gathering safely can be found here.

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