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“With the change in president, the rules changed.” These were the words of one migrant stopped by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to Fox News correspondent Lawrence Jones. The unnamed migrant and a friend were found on private property in South Texas having just crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

The migrant spun a story that his family has been in the United States for 28 years and that he was trying to get to them to “visit.” He implied that his friend had not come across the border previously, and stated that neither had a criminal history. He also said that he had been deported under the administration of President Donald Trump due to not having a driver’s license.

Both men were found to be from Durango, Mexico.

When DPS performed a background check, though, they found that the friend had previously been charged with possession of methamphetamine in the United States and with illegal entry into the U.S. The migrant speaking, contrary to his claim of no criminal record, had multiple charges of illegal entry into the U.S. along with U.S. charges of theft and domestic violence.

Both were now being arrested by DPS for criminal trespass, which will result in them being processed through the Texas court system.

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In another incident the same day, approximately 30 migrants who were suspected to have entered the U.S. illegally were being processed by DPS for similar criminal trespass charges after being found on private ranchland.

The rancher who owns the property where the 30 were found considered DPS involvement “a blessing.” Describing the site of migrants illegally crossing through his ranch a daily occurrence, he stated that he would previously see Custom and Border Protection (CBP) agents about once a week. That would result in upwards of 200 migrants being able to cross his ranch into the U.S. illegally each week.

DPS, though, under order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, has gained approval from the private landowners to patrol their properties and even to set up sensor systems. When a sensor detects activity, DPS responds on the ground and in the air. They mobilize units to the area, locate the migrants, then arrest them and charge them with criminal trespass.

This differs from enforcement by CBP, where the migrants, when found, would be arrested and returned to Mexico. Often, the same migrants would cross the border again the very next day, treating the border as a revolving door when caught, and spreading out throughout the U.S. when not.

CBP rules have changed with the change of the presidency.

According to recently-released figures, CBP has released over 160 thousand migrants into the U.S. since March. Of these, 31,977 have been “granted parole” just since August 6. This status allows those released a legal status and the ability to legally find employment. It is generally used only for urgent humanitarian reasons, and the frequency of this award has grown immensely. Rodney Scott, Chief of the United States Border Patrol under both President Trump and current President Joe Biden, has been cited as stating that he only saw 5 to 10 such parole grants per year during his tenure. The new level is 6400% times as high.

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Along with these, 94,570 have been released into the U.S. since March 20 with a “Notice to Report.” The notice holds no legal obligation and simply requests that the migrant notify the nearest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office upon arriving at their final destination. Even after the migrant reports, ICE does not have the resources to track the migrant from that point and must rely upon voluntary reporting by the migrant to maintain a record of the migrant’s status.

Over 40% as many as were given a notice (39,630) were released on their own recognizance. This action is tantamount to providing a free pass as there are no requirements, nor even any requests, that the migrant report or otherwise notify ICE of their status.

With an estimated 26 million individuals having lost employment in Central America and the Caribbean, many are making the trek to the United States and risking the consequences of illegally entering the U.S. across the border with Mexico. Those with the means are even flying to locations near the U.S.-Mexico border so that they can simply walk across and take advantage of so-called humanitarian benefits provided by the U.S. government.

Chris Clem, Chief Border Patrol Agent for Yuma, AZ, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying, “They got off the plane and went to a cab or a bus. They literally were driven up and just walked up and turned themselves over to us.”

As CBP and ICE do not have the resources to perform testing or proper quarantine as required by Federal Law, Texas Gov. Abbott ordered DPS to implement Operation Lone Star in March to slow the flow of illegal migrants entering Texas. He reinforced DPS in July by ordering the deployment of the Texas National Guard to supplement DPS troopers.

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The result of these efforts by DPS and the National Guard has been “thousands of immigration-related arrests” and the seizure of “thousands of pounds of drugs and millions of dollars.” DPS Director Steve McCraw was quoted as explaining, “We’re not looking for people who are crossing the river and then looking for law enforcement to turn themselves in. We are looking for the ones who are getting away from us.”

Those who cross into the United States illegally are carrying dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl; illegal guns to sell to gangs and others who would use them illegally; money to supply the drug trade; human and child labor being trafficked; and various diseases and viruses, some that had been previously eradicated from the U.S. In trying to provide humanitarian support, the Biden Administration has opened the border to these evils.

To prevent these dangers from entering and being spread through the U.S., Gov. Abbott has taken action but has also pushed the cost to Texans.

With an average cost of $22,012 per inmate annually, Texas is receiving no federal funding to support its measures but has felt the need to protect its own and, in turn, protect the entire United States.

Border protection and immigration enforcement are the responsibility of the Federal Government. With these aspects lacking, though, Texas has taken on the role of providing this protection and is footing the bill.

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