Oregon law denies home protection and increases crime

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FBI statistics in 2020 indicate that burglar takes less than a minute to break into the average home. Once in, the burglary can last up to 12 minutes, but the speed of entry is vital for homeowners to be able to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Oregonians have registered over 61, 000 guns. With almost 51% of homes owning a gun, the state ranks 15th in gun ownership. The majority, if not all, of these households have at least one gun for protection.

Despite these facts, the Oregon Legislative Assembly and Oregon Governor Kate Brown have chosen to take this protection away from these homeowners.

Joining 11 other states, Oregon has passed a bill that, intended to protect against gun accidents and unintended gun violence, prevents homeowners from protecting themselves, their families, and their property in the event of a burglary. The new law, which took effect this past weekend, extends the time it will take homeowners to get to their protection devices if someone does break into their home.

Gun owners are required to secure their firearms in a gun room or safe, or to use a trigger lock. The key or combination to the lock for the room, safe, or lock must be kept out of reach of anyone not authorized to the gun(s).

This means that, in the event of a break-in, a gun owner has less than a minute to locate the key to the gun room, safe, or trigger, then unlock the same, and prepare the gun for possible defensive use. While a minute may seem like sufficient time, burglars often have the advantage in such a scenario as they are entering with weapons already drawn and have surprise on their side. Similarly, a confident gun owner is not going to “jump” at every noise, furthering the surprise that the burglars have on the owner.

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By forcing gun owners to keep their defensive weapons locked, Gov. Brown and the rest of Oregon Government are preventing home- and gun owners from being able to protect themselves in the event of a burglary. With an average of a 10-minute response time for police to high priority emergency calls, combined with the FBI’s assessment that a burglary generally takes less than 12 minutes, the fact that Oregonians are not allowed to protect themselves means that, even if the call is made with a “panic button” or similar setup that does not require a direct call by the homeowner, the burglary likely will be completed by the time the homeowner can even report the incident.

Allowing gun owners to have their defensive weapons at the ready would prevent burglaries as burglars are less-likely to attempt to invade homes where a weapon may be available. Even when a burglary occurs in a home where the weapon is available, the homeowner then has a way to neutralize or offset the main threat of the burglars, allowing time for a call to police to be made. These situations will also allow the homeowner to detain the burglars while police are dispatched.

A deeper scenario would be that burglars who enter armed find a homeowner who may have at least one gun in the home. At least thinking this, the burglars will be more “on-edge” and ready to take violent action to prevent the homeowner from providing their own protection. The “wrong” move by the homeowner could lead to the burglars discharging their own guns, regardless of whether the homeowner had a weapon or not.

Similarly, one of the most-prized finds in a home burglary is a gun that can be used later. By making it more difficult for the homeowner to access the gun for protection, Gov. Brown and the Legislature have made it easier for burglars to take possession of these guns and get more illegal weapons to the streets.

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