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Since its inception in 1881, the Red Cross has been known for assisting those in need when disaster strikes. Whether a person is the victim of a house or apartment fire, wildfire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster (they don’t always have to be natural), the Red Cross has become renowned for mobilizing immediately and providing the victims with necessities. Food, shelter, clothing, toiletries, and even cash are available to those in need when the Red Cross is called upon to assist.

Their works have expanded worldwide, with services available in over 100 countries. Through their joint-venture with the Red Crescent, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, offices can be found in 192 countries. In addition to responding to disasters such as those listed above, the Red Cross also responds to war and other international conflicts. They help secure refugees of the conflict, providing shelter and bedding even if that is providing simply tents and cots to those escaping the conflict. The Red Cross will also help coordinate travel for the refugees to host countries, as well as accommodations for them upon arrival.
Migrant or Refugee Tent

While proactively responding to the disasters and conflicts described to this point, the Red Cross has also taken it upon themselves to aid and abet criminal activity along the U.S.-Mexico border through their proactive response to what many would consider non-disaster areas, all things being left alone.

On the Red Cross website, they describe their activities as providing relief supplies “such as cots, blankets, hygiene items, masks and hand sanitizer” to non-profit organizations caring for migrants in Texas and California. They further provide phones in Texas and Arizona “which migrants can use to reconnect with family members back home to let them know they’re safe.” Calling their efforts “a small intervention,”

In a press release dated April 13, 2021, the Red Cross describes efforts being taken in response to the so-called “surge” of migrants entering the U.S. The release states that the Red Cross has contracted with various U.S. Government agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to provide housing for unaccompanied children through the processing process. The release further details that the Red Cross remains “a neutral party, so we can access and help people where it is needed most.”

What neither the website nor the press release mention are the efforts of the Red Cross to aid and abet those who would enter the United States illegally.

In addition to fulfilling the Biden Administration’s promise that those crossing the border illegally will receive food, shelter, clothing and the other necessities of life, it has been found that the Red Cross is also providing guidance and instructions for those seeking to enter the country illegally. Through this, they are providing assistance and encouragement to those who would violate U.S. Federal Law.

In legal terms, this would be considered abetting an illegal act.

Recently a Texas rancher near Uvalde, John Sewell, reported finding a pamphlet that had fallen from a migrant illegally entering the country and trespassing over his property. The pamphlet, published by the Red Cross and titled “Self-Help Messages for Migrants” (translated), includes safety tips such as cautions to travel in groups, to not board or get off a (freight) train that is moving or wet, to eat and rest before getting on a (freight) train to avoid falling off if sleepy, and to not hide in vehicles or small places where it would be easy to suffocate.

In addition to the tips, the pamphlet also provides a map showing routes into the United States from Mexico, including freight train routes. In comments made to the Epoch Times, Jessica Vaughn, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., called the map “practically a road map or a TripTech for an illegal immigrant.” Disagreeing with the practice, she goes on, “It’s one thing to give water to migrants. It’s quite another thing to help them migrate illegally – and breach the sovereignty of a border.”

The pamphlet is suspected to have contributed to the increase in illegal migration being encountered by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents along the border. In Uvalde alone, CBP has reported a 911% increase in the number of illegal migrants stowed away on freight trains destined for San Antonio. Similarly, 20 illegal aliens were found hiding in the beds of new pickup trucks on a train inspected by CBP on August 13, at the same spot where several had been apprehended and released the previous day.

Along with showing routes, the map highlights “safe havens” for those traveling and migrating illegally. It provides the location of various shelters in Mexico run by non-profit organizations that will provide relief for the illegal travelers. It even displays the location of Catholic charities in Tucson, Arizona, where those entering illegally can seek shelter.

Contradicting the, at best, appearance of the actions, a spokesperson for the Red Cross responded via email to the Epoch Times request for comment by stating that the organization neither prevents nor encourages migration. The spokesperson went on, “As an impartial, neutral and independent organization, our actions are focused on addressing the humanitarian needs of migrants to ensure that they are treated with dignity, both in their countries of origin, transit and destination, and regardless of their immigration status.”

Through this statement, the Red Cross denies that providing actual routes for migrants to follow, displaying “safe haven” shelters along the route, provides encouragement.

As much of the $2 billion spent by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was funded primarily by voluntary donations from governments, including the United States Government, and national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Vaughn says that the United States should investigate how the flyer’s publishing was funded. She expresses a concern about the seeming encouragement of illegal immigration from these flyers by stating:
Jessica VaughanCenter for Immigration Studies

“They (ICRC) should be helping people in the countries where the migrants live, not aid and abet this illegal migration that is so dangerous and has created so many problems for all of the countries where it occurs.”

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