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WARNING: March 2023 ARKSTORM Dynamics to Increase and Peak Tuesday into Wednesday of This Next Week

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Southern California Weather Force has issued the final Weather Emergency as the first in a double series of systems is moving through at this time.  The current rainfall has brought major flooding in the zones north and west of Los Angeles, but still some flooding is happening in Los Angeles proper, and the Santa Ana River across the Inland Empire and Orange County is raging as we speak.  We are not done yet as the current Raiden Storm Pattern will actually be stronger on Tuesday into Wednesday.  Southern California Weather Force Avalanche Watches remain in place through the 20th so read on for details of the peak of this pattern to come.

The current pattern has hit a lot of Northern and Central California, stretching far into Southern California as well.  This is teasing the far south in areas like San Diego where you will be getting hit harder with the events on Tuesday into Wednesday.  You however will not see the flood emergency conditions as is further north due to these having a south to north low-level flow.

Southern California Weather Force risk assessment models paint a high risk for all areas south and west of the mountains, including the mountains themselves.  Furthermore, the events of today will be even stronger and thus the risk assessment model is painting the extreme risk value across parts of the Inland Empire, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo zones as well.

Within the Tuesday into Wednesday dynamics, snow-levels will be well over 8,000 FT.  Any snowfall still up there will melt and cause flooding into the lowlands surrounding the rivers and creeks.  This will maintain the risk of roof cave-ins as well as Avalanche dangers.  To view the official Southern California Weather Force Avalanche Watch, Click Here.

LONG RANGE:  This will be the last major event of the month, but we will still maintain to monitor conditions after the 22nd as we could very well see another system move into Northern and Central California for resumed flood issues up there, with a tail-end Charlie down here on the south end of the front for additional rainfall.  As with all SCWF forecasts, one system at a time and I will wait to speak about any coming pattern till after this current pattern passes.

This entire event is from a follow-up to two articles, one from March 1st calling the pattern into California (Click Here), and the other a follow-up to that one for the Pineapple Express wording, which can be found by Clicking Here.

A Raiden Storm Pattern is a pattern that is seen by this office before any other source, be it a person or an app and as published to the source that predicted the pattern in the long range.

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Master General Meteorologist – is a consulting meteorologist for over 50 companies, including energy, agriculture, aviation, marine, leisure, and many more areas. He has certs from Mississippi State for broadcast met and Penn State forecasting certs MET 101, 241, 341 and 361 as a meteorologist, but before then was completely self-taught, barely learning a thing from the schools that he did not already know.

Both short and long-range is very important to know in those jobs so you can bet on accuracy here. He is versed in fields like Western USA, Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes, High Winds, Fire Behavior, Snow and Blizzards, Short Range, Long Range, Seasonal, and Life-Threatening decisions with over 25 years' experience, out forecasting all weather services available today with lead-time and precision, which makes him a focus of ridicule and envy.

NOTE: Alerts are posted on here, be it a tornado watch, etc, and these alerts are issued from this office and nowhere else. At times, which is often, you will see an alert forecast posted on here that you do not see elsewhere.

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