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Prairie State College Board Chairman Monica Gordon Offers Special Congrats To 81 Year-Old PSC Graduate Lynn Chambers

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Monica Gordon, PSC Board Chairman and 81 Year-Old Graduate Lynn Chambers (right).Photo byJT Taylor

Denise Reddick, the daughter of Lynn Chambers, reached out to the South Suburban News and made us aware that her mother, age 81, would be graduating from Prairie State College (PSC) on May 24,2023.

She wrote, “I am attaching information about my mother, Lynn Chambers, with regard to her upcoming graduation from Prairie State College on May 24, 2023, with the hope that her story is noteworthy. Information that is not in my mother’s story is that when I delivered her cap and gown on May 10, she hugged the plastic bag that held the items with crisscrossed arms and stated, “I am so happy.”

After getting this note, we reached out to Ms. Chambers and congratulated her and thanked her for what is undoubtedly going to be inspiration for so many that she is unaware of.

She told the South Suburban News that she is so excited that she completed her goal. She explained that she kept waiting for the right time to do it and offered this piece of advice.

“Age does not matter and do what you want to do, “she said.

“There is no right time, so don’t wait on it, just do it, Chambers insisted.

She also shared that her family is very proud and ecstatic of her accomplishments.

“I am also surprised to find that so many young people have told me that I inspired them, “she said.

Here is her story about her journey in her own words that was provided to us. We refused to change a single word for publication.

“I attended Bloom High School during a time when teachers had defined expectations for certain students. I was creative and loved sewing. Yet, my sewing teacher would not allow me to take a tailoring class because she said it was not for Black people. Eventually, I quit school and got married. During my 14-year marriage, my husband did not think school was a place for a wife and mother. Afterward, for 23 years, I worked for a company that required a swing-shift schedule. I worked six days straight, had one day off and then rotated to the next shift for six days. Later, the schedule changed to working five days straight, having two days off and then rotating. Either way, the schedule made it impossible to attend school. Once I left the company, I was finally able to resume my goal of finishing school. I first passed the General Educational Development (GED) test at South Suburban College. Subsequently, I pursued an interior design degree at Prairie State College. This allowed me to foster my creativity, and I started a custom drapery business. The interior design program got cancelled near the end of my completion of the degree. Initially, I was devastated to learn I would not get the degree I had worked tirelessly to achieve. While I could have continued the program by attending Joliet Junior College, the travel distance was unreasonable. Therefore, I put having a degree out of my mind, and I was consumed with running my business. This year, since the thirst never left to have my degree, I returned to Prairie State to inquire about completing an associate program. The Associate in General Studies degree was a viable option. At age 81, I am delighted to fulfill my goal. “I always wanted the experience of walking across the stage to graduate.”

Lynn Chambers”

Monica Gordon, the Chairman of the Prairie State College Board of Trustees offered a heart felt congratulations to Ms. Chambers on her graduation and the dedication that she has demonstrated in her efforts to pursue higher education.

“I would like to congratulate Lynn Chambers on her incredible achievement of graduating from Prairie State College at 81. Lynn’s determination, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to education serve as an inspiration to us all. Her accomplishment is a powerful reminder that pursuing our dreams and continuing our learning journey is never too late. Lynn’s success is a testament to the transformative power of education and its limitless opportunities. She is a shining example to everyone considering furthering their education, proving that age is not a barrier to personal growth and academic achievement. Lynn Chambers, you are a true inspiration, and I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.” - Chariman Monica Gordon

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