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New Video Exposes Cover Up Of 14 Year Old Being Taken Down By Now Harvey Police Chief

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Leaked video shows take down of 14 year old by now Harvey Police ChiefPhoto byJT Taylor

(Harvey, Ill) A leaked video from the administration of embattled Harvey Mayor Chris Clark removes a nearly two-year coverup of an extremely brutal take down of a handcuffed 14 year high school student by a disgraced Harvey Deputy Chief who was then promoted to the Harvey Chief of police.

In October of 2021, the Harvey Police Department responded to an outbreak of fights at Thornton High School. During the chaotic conflict, the Harvey Police began handcuffing numerous students. One particular student was handcuffed and stood outside a Harvey Police vehicle surrounded by several Harvey Police officers. The young student appeared terrified as he stood amidst the much larger officers who were detaining him. All of which was captured on a school video.

Moments later the then Deputy Chief of Police, Cameron Biddings, walked over to the group of officers detaining the 14-year-old student. The video then shows Deputy Chief Biddings, in a premeditated fashion, look away from the group of officers to ensure that the general public was not observing the situation involving the handcuffed 14 year old. That is when he abruptly pushed one of the officers aside and brutally punched the handcuffed teen to the ground. The video also appears to show Deputy Chief Biddings kick the handcuffed teen at least one time.

The entire incident was captured on video by a camara that was attached to the roof of the school. Sources close to the investigation confirmed that the video was removed and taken by the Harvey Police into evidence as part of their alleged investigation. Immediately following the incident, the Mayor and Village Administrator, Tim Williams, were pushed for answers by various media outlets. Both denied that the video that was taken into evidence captured any scenario involving the teen being brutally taken down by any officer while handcuffed on the scene.

The video clearly reflects that the 14 year old handcuff student’s civil rights were unquestionably violated.

The then head of the Internal Affairs Division of the Harvey Police Department, Olivia Cobbins, immediately launched an investigation into the incident. She said an officer came to her and discussed in detail about the incident and alleged that the Harvey Deputy Chief punched the handcuffed student in the chest. When Cobbins attempted to access evidence including the video that was taken into evidence on the scene, she was blocked by the high ranking Harvey Police brass who were supported by the Mayoral administration. Obviously this hampered her ability to fully investigate the matter.

Olivia Cobbins immediately resigned from the Harvey Police department, She was quoted through a media outlet as saying, “I couldn’t stand in the position that I was in as woman and police officer to see the level of corruption and misconduct in Harvey. I just simply could not stay.”

Cobbins also mentioned another incident involving a Harvey Police officer who received death threats. But the Police administration just laughed and were not supportive of her attempts to investigate the threats.

Months after the incident Deputy Chief Biddings was promoted by Mayor Clark to the position of Police Chief. The appointment made him the sixth police chief hired by Clark in just 47 months in office. Unofficially many law enforcement observers have called this sixth appointment in four years a record high for any Mayor during his/her first term of office. Observers also say that this is a clear sign of gross mismanagement.

Charlotte Rogers is a parent of a male student at Thornton High School who is also a neighbor of the then 14 year old boy who was brutally taken down by Chief Biddings.

“This young boy has been severely traumatized by this incident. As a parent of a teenager in Harvey, I’m baffled by the challenge of not only fearing the high volume of criminals in this town, but also the enormous number of corrupt cops that this Mayor has allowed to bring dishonor to their badges. The United States Justice Department should be called to investigate these wild renegade cops.” says Rogers, 41.

Jessica Ballard a life long Harvey resident adds, “Six police chiefs in four years says a lot about this administration. Why would this Mayor promote such a character to the position of Chief? But we as residents remain imprisoned amid the wild gunfire on a nightly basis. I have made the decision to move from the town that I’ve always loved. I have to protect my three kids. This place has become so lawless and mismanaged.”

Next week voters will go to the polls to determine the fate of the Mayor’s office and ultimately the police department.

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