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Joseph Bertrand Is Running For 3rd Ward Alderman In Markham

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Joe Bertrand is running for 3rd Ward Alderman in Markham.Photo byJT Tayor

Joseph G. Bertrand Jr. is running for 3rd Ward Alderman of Markham, Illinois and knows the city well. He has a long history of working with legislative figures and working amongst various city boards to further the community. Although there are many working toward bettering Markham as a whole, Bertrand wants to focus on the 3rd Ward specifically.

He says the 3rd Ward has a housing issue where houses need to be rehabilitated or sold. Joseph wants to work with the mayor to make plans to solve these issues a reality. One way in particular he plans to improve the community is working toward making the vacant lot between Kedzie Avenue and Central Park a place of business. Bertrand intends to foster businesses to bring sales tax and more revenue and as result, better these communities. There are also areas that could use some cleaning up, particularly mentioning Belaire and Country Air. These areas are deserving of attention and Joseph plans to give it.

Bertrand has lived in Markham since 1998 and has always participated as a volunteer. He now has the opportunity to participate on a legislative level, and wants to serve the city he loves to really bring positive changes to it. This is what drives him to run for the 3rd Ward Alderman.

Joseph Bertrand does not believe in sitting on the sidelines of the issues one faces. He believes you can’t really complain about an issue if you’re not participating to solve it, so he is bringing that philosophy to life with his plans.

Bertrand also has a fair deal of humility as well. He admits he doesn’t know everything about every issue the city faces, but that doesn’t mean he stops there. Bertrand is the kind of person to pursue the research needed to learn about the situations presented to him to understand them in fuller detail.

He does feel confident that were he to win, he’d be ready on day 1 to get started working. The aforementioned research is something he’s already been doing, taking the time to speak with residents of the areas he’d oversee and addressing their concerns. He mentioned residents detailing specific areas they’d like street lights installed, bus stops to be located, sidewalks developed, and issues with the water supply of certain locations. Bertrand has a deeply-rooted passion for getting these problems solved and making them a thing of the past.

Bertand seeks to update systems that have grown quite old and is looking forward to enacting his plans to get the funding to do so.

Joseph G. Bertrand Jr. is the kind of candidate whom residents can feel confident that he genuinely cares for Markham and all of its communities.

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