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Labor Day Weekend: Third Ward Community Free PopUp Market

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Houston's Third Ward Community is hosting a free pop-up market on Saturday, September 2 to bring attention to the small and upcoming businesses in the community. The market will be held at 2702 McGowen St. in front of the Magnolia Lodge building.

Organizers of the event have advertised that vendors are allowed to join the festivities free of charge. That comes as a huge surprise in the community as most markets charge anywhere from $40 to as high as $150 we have found. Which can be extremely challenging to new business owners who are just starting out.

"I don't mind paying setup fees because it's a part of the business, but it's not fair for the host to prey on entrepreneurs who are just trying to make a way for themselves and their families. We are the ones putting the money into inventory and product and by doing so we take huge risk in profit. Some days are good days and some aren't and that's what most host fail to consider." -SweetTeaMa, Vendor

According to RealTouchPoints :

Pop-up shops have become a go-to marketing strategy for retailers looking to extend the brand and introduce new products. The pop-up industry has grown to approximately $10 billion in sales, according to PopUp Republic1. Pop-up shops are being developed in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as locations. They can be found in a traditional brick-and-mortar store — as a store-within-a-store — as a standalone kiosk or even via a motorized vehicle, taking the lead from the food truck craze1.Pop-ups are unique and different from the average brick-and-mortar visit. Consumers expect that the pop-up shopping experience will be unique. They also look to pop-ups for more specialized shopping. For example, 61% of shoppers list seasonal products as the main reason to shop at a pop-up store, according to a PopUp Republic poll1. Pop-up shoppers also are looking for: Unique services/products (39%); Localized assortments (36%); Optimal pricing (34%); Convenience (33%); and A fun experience (30%)1.Pop-ups require much smaller investment than permanent stores, which means the retailer can figure out what works without the huge commitment. It also allows them to be more innovative – they can test out more ideas and see what resonates with customers2.

Reach out to Tywania Polk on Facebook to signup and join.

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Houston, TX

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