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On-and-Off Girlfriend Murdered Missing S.C. Boyfriend Who Was Discovered in a Fresh GraveAccording to Officials.

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According to WSPA, the female whom officers incriminated in her so-called boyfriend’s disappearance is currently facing charges of murder. Jessica Marie Strachan, 28, who was apprehended before the accusations is in jail for obstruction of justice for allegedly falsifying information to detectives working on the case for Devantae Alzondrae Griffin, 28.

Griffin’s relatives appeared in court on Saturday as justice was going to establish bail for new charges of murder, and possession of a firearm during the execution of a violent offense, according to WSPA.

“We’ve been praying for this moment for a few months now,” his aunt Beverly Griffin told the outlet. “We just need some closure about what happened to him and why.”

Devantae was last witnessed alive exiting 399 Winsmith Avenue in Spartanburg, South Carolina, briefly after midnight with his some timing girlfriend Strachan, according to officers during the missing person investigation.

His mother, who was pinpointed in the WSPA report as Felicia Griffin, declared her son missing the following day. Detectives stated they shortly communicated with Strachan on March 31.

“During the course of the investigation it was determined Jessica Strachan was misleading in the information she had provided during her initial interview,” deputies said. “She became a person of interest in the disappearance of Devantae Griffin.”

According to MSN, after being asked to meet her again, Jessica fled to Florida failing to notify them the authorities. Officials then conducted a search warrant at her residence.

According to the WSPA report, police reported that Devantae’s blood was “throughout” that home.

Detectives acquired an arrest warrant. Jessica was arrested in Miami, Florida on April 1. Strachan bailed out of jail on April 15 but reportedly disobeyed her house arrest. Police stated they captured her on April 25. The next day police uncovered Griffin deceased in a shallow grave. He was buried in the timbers behind the Evans Acres community of Spartanburg County.

“To know that I’ll never see him again really hurts,” Griffin’s mother Felicia Griffin told WSPA. “He didn’t deserve to be thrown away like trash.”
“We just want him to be remembered as a good person,” Beverly reportedly said.

In April, the cause of death was decided a homicide, however, officials did not name suspects until disclosing the murder claim against Strachan on Friday.

Deputies also pinpointed Tarus Dorail Crook, 33, as a person of interest in the matter, MSN reported.

“Investigators are asking for anyone with information about Crook’s location or his involvement in this incident to contact Investigator Megan Bennett at (864) 503-4608 or,” authorities said on April 29.

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