Are Millennials Opting For Commitment Ceremonies Rather than Traditional Weddings?

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A commitment ceremony is comparable to a wedding but it is not legally binding. Throughout the ritual, two individuals express their passion for each other and promise to live the remainder of their lives jointly. Occasionally the ritual incorporates customs from weddings; other times partners get entirely imaginative with their ceremony and just talk directly to one another with no extravagances.

In the past, commitment ceremonies have been utilized by mates who couldn't lawfully get married by the church or the state because of the fact of their citizenship, sexual preference, or ethnicity. Numerous partners still utilize commitment ceremonies to secure themselves to one another without going through the lawful steps marriage requires.

"We know that these types of ceremonies and informal unions have been happening for hundreds, if not thousands, of years due to same-sex couples being forbidden to marry by many religions or just being frowned upon by certain cultures in history. There are recorded examples throughout history of same-sex unions, which were recognized by their communities but not through formal religious or legal means." - Kim Hefner, Professional Photographer

There are captivating grounds on why millennial couples opt for commitment ceremonies rather than legally acknowledged marriages. Foremost, in many governments around the world same-sex union is still not a permitted possibility. Another major cause that partners have commitment ceremonies is that the legal aspect of obtaining marriage meddles with their outlook of the day they dedicate their lives to one another. For instance, some states mandate you to have an officiant or spectator at your betrothal. If you prefer it to be just the two of you, a commitment ceremony is a more satisfactory alternative. Other duos can't get their marriage license in time or they choose not to be lawfully attached due to financial or tax reasons.

Any duo who desires to have a commitment ceremony can have one regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, nationality, race, etc. Even those who are lawfully able to get united can choose to have a commitment ceremony as an alternative since they aren't formally acknowledged by the church or state, there are no regulations. Since the ceremonies aren't governed by any laws, the location and desired context or style in which you decide to wed is completely up to you as a couple. The possibilities are endless with this decision because the rule book doesn't exist. The only important factor and one rule are that you make this day about the two of you!

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