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Houston Montrose Area New Market Vendors, Music, and Food Trucks TECHNICOLOR NIGHT MARKET This Saturday

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Montrose MarketMontrose Market

In a bustling city like Houston, you are sure to have fun. From the abundance of restaurants offering a taste of different cultures, the liveliest clubs offering good vibes, and the numerous bars serving the best drinks, you are offered destination locations.

Right off Montrose, located at 1001 Westheimer Rd. sits a normally empty parking area. Houstonians are in for a treat this Saturday as the Montrose Marketplace, presented by Curb Coalition presents its CURB COALITION X TECHNICOLOR NIGHT MARKET COLLAB. The event runs from 6 p.m. till 11 that night.

Officiated by Jessica, the market has increased in size over the past months as residents gather to support local vendors and small businesses. Jessica has created a non-judgemental environment filled with art, creativity, and hustle that allows everyone to enjoy what makes each of us a Houstonian.

We from out of town and just stopped to see what they had. We love supporting small businesses. -Group of girls from Minnesota

With over 20 vendors present, you are sure to find something that fits you. Fairy Plant Babes offers homegrown plants such as the Sanseveria, also known as the snake plant. Rumor has it this plant never dies. The shop also sells amazing jewelry. Slayfinique Boutique offers unique and custom scented candles and wax melts including a patchouli and bergamot fragrance called Divine Intervention and other fragrances you are sure to love such as Cartel Swag and Baby mama Drama. They also offer organic tobacco products, vintage fashion, etc. With more amazing vendors including Houston's first mobile dispensary Little Pot CBD, Bovine & Barley Margarita truck, Richard Barnes Homemade Fudge ( the Rootbeer flavor is a tasty celebration), and Phrostbite Italian Ice who serves up premium Italian ice refreshments with creamy textures you are sure to find something that warms your heart.

I knew nothing about this market. We were just waiting in line for our meals over at Snooze Eatery and we have to wait so I was like let's go see what they're doing. I found an amazing old-school Astros shirt, bought six candles from that Boutique, and a new plant. This was nice. - Tisha, a shopper

The market encourages people to connect, create, and collaborate. Offering the community goods, fresh produce, art, coffee, vintage fashion, custom jewelry and so much more, it is a parking lot of wonders. Join them this Saturday and support your local Houstonians while having a genuinely good time.

The market also runs Monday through Friday from 12 PM to 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM till 4 PM. CURB COALITION X TECHNICOLOR NIGHT MARKET COLLAB happens every other Saturday. The event runs from 6 p.m. till 11 pm.

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Houston, TX

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