Live Nations Liability Waiver won't get them off the hook

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Lawsuits are expected to sore in the next few weeks over the 2021 Astroworld Fest disaster. However, would-be plaintiffs and victims may encounter legal obstacles over according to the information posted on the Live Nation website. Live Nation, the promoter of Travis Scott's concert event may be facing liability suits as many file grievances within the courts.

On the website there is indeed a limitation of liability waiver most individuals decided not to read, however must accept before confirming any purchase. It's a standard agreement that may let Live Nation partially off the hook.

In the state of Texas, a solid liability agreement or waiver would aid in unquestionably providing protection for basic negligence. As reported by TMZ many concertgoers are indeed suing over negligence and lack of police control.

The Live Nation website has an online waiver that states in section:

"You voluntarily assume all risks and danger incidental to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring before, during or after the event, and you waive any claims for personal injury or death against us."

Unfortunately, the waiver didn't detail gross negligence, which if a lawyer or plaintiff succeeds to file, may just be the downfall of the companies defense. Live Nation may have provided a gap for the lawsuits because in Texas, in order for a liability waiver to be implemented for protection upon negligence, there are initial requirements. The company has to emphasize precise language that a common individual/buyer could comprehend and they must directly address negligence in their waiver. According to TMZ Live Nation's Texas waiver didn't follow all the guidelines and claims that the waiver was not posted where individuals could see it but rather hidden within the website. In addition, there are numerous concertgoers who purchased passes through other sources than the companies website. Live Nation's liability waiver isn't exactly fully proofed which may mean a long haul for the lawsuits to come.

Matters will surely conclude in the hands of a Judge. Let us all continue to keep the families of the * victims whose lives were taken too soon in our prayers.

Harris County officials issued the signatures of the 8 AstroWorld victims:

Mirza Baig, 27 years- young, Houston

Rodolfo Peña, 23 years- young , Laredo

Madison Dubiski, 23 years- young, Cypress

Franco Patiño, 21 years- young, Illinois

Jacob Jurinke, 20 years- young, Illinois

John Hilgert, 14 years- young, Houston

Axel Acosta Avila, 21 years- young, Washington

Brianna Rodriguez, 16 years- young, Houston

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