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Popeyes Serving Moldy Chicken Sandwiches and Nasty Attitudes

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moldy chicken sandwich from Popeyes@heardyouuuu

A Popeyes located in Gastonia, NC on Franklin Blvd. is facing lawsuits after serving customers a moldy chicken sandwich.

Hungry and on a road trip, the women stopped for a late-night bite. During the drive-thru visit what started off as a jokingly exchange between an employee and the customer, turned profane when the employee, a male, called the female out of her name. In the videos posted on TikTok, you can see other employees laughing and egging the altercation on as the manager on duty laughs and closes the window. While leaving the restaurant, you can see the same employee whom the customers were arguing with in the drive-thru running through the parking lot to a vehicle where he conversed with two other males. Popeyes employee stated that the two gentlemen in the video were not employees of the establishment and that the video and incident are being further investigated and the company will take the necessary steps ahead.

Unfortunately, the women consumed portions of the contaminated food before realizing what the restaurant had served them resulting in one of the women getting extremely sick. Upon contacting corporate, she explains how they asked her for her information including her email address, however, she has never been contacted post-initiation of the complaint. She then contacted the initial restaurant asking to speak with a manager.

This ain't bout that viral TikTok video huh? - I can replace all of the food. -immediate response from Popeyes manager

The customer voices her frustrations in the TikTok video upset that the manager knew of the incident but never tried to contact her. After denying the manager's attempt to correct her order and explaining that she was not a resident but was rather passing thru on a road trip, she asked for escalation contacts such as corporate phone numbers or emails. The manager then allegedly replied that the only way to resolve the issue was for the customer to personally come into the store, which she had already explained was impossible at the moment. The manager then provided an @ AOL URL for a personal email address to the customer.

The customer has not received any updates on the situation.

Popeyes corporate office failed to answer the phone for questioning or statements.

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