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Black youth set out to prove romance isn't dead in the greater 5th ward area with picnics

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When was the last time someone opened the door for you? When was the last time you were taken on a simple date? Like a picnic?

A group of freshman students at Houston Community College is hoping to start a new trend.

"You always see white people you know, in the movies or commercials, having romantic dates and simple picnics. But when you see us, they show us having block parties or talking our girls out to the club. I don't feel like that's all we are capable of. We look damn good dressed up too ya feel me. We ain't always saggin'." Jaquan, a student on campus told our writers.

Jaquan and a group of his classmates are hoping to rally up as many young couples and persuade them to meet up at neighborhood parks in the community.

"The goal is for every young or older couple to grab a blanket and a picnic ( or your favorite take out) and everyone simply gather at the park in mini-dates." Kaniesha, sociology major, "My friends use to look at people in River Oaks and the Heights area enjoying this simple outing as if it's out of our reach. As a community, we can show that we can literally get together and have a nice time. It doesn't always have to end in violence."

The students are asking couples to meet Finnigan Park located at 4900 providence st. on Saturdays starting at 2 pm. The plan is to meet every Saturday until hopefully, the crowd grows and it becomes a regular thing in the neighborhood. "We want to make a statement, but more importantly we want to make this a new tradition. People can forever call us ghetto, but people forget we are fabulous too"

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Houston, TX

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