Real Life: My fiancé cheated on me with my grade school friend & named her daughter after me

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Keosha was ecstatic that her best friend and her fiance had hit it off. However, little did she know that the two people who she loved more than anything else had already committed the ultimate betrayal. Keep reading to see how it happened.

"When I first met Jason, my boyfriend of five years now, I was a little nervous for him to meet my best friend because she was very judgemental and protective over me. Fortunately for me, they hit it off like white on rice. Nesha was single, so the three of us hung out together quite a lot. The three of us went to the movies, clubbing, out to eat, and even on cruises together. Jason never made an issue about her participation in everything because he knew that we were like sisters. He never tried to get between our relationship or control me and I loved him so much for that. I felt so lucky to have a man who accepted me and everything I came with.

One morning, Nesha told me that she was pregnant and unsure if she should keep the baby or not. Being against abortion I immediately jumped into panic mode and asked her what had happened. She started crying and telling me about a guy that she'd been dating which came as a surprise to me because I had no clue that she was seeing anyone. We had always told each other everything so I must admit I was quite taken aback by this sudden information. I took her out for brunch so that I could find out more about this new mystery man of hers.

Nesha told me she and her man had only been seeing each other for the past couple 4 years and she didn't say anything because she was embarrassed. All she would tell me was that he was married. She wouldn't tell me his name or how they met; only revealing that they were indeed in love despite his wife. I thought it was odd that Nesha didn't want to spill more about her boyfriend, or why she desperately wanted an abortion if he loved her.

"Well, sis if he loves you then what is he saying about his wife? Is he planning to get a divorce? Does he know about the baby?"

According to her, he was in love with her and wanted her to keep the baby, especially since his wife wasn't capable of bearing him a child. He swore to her that he would divorce his wife, he was just waiting on the right moment. I decided not to stress the issue any deeper as I could tell the subject ha her really emotional at the moment.

Months passed and as Nesha's belly grew, she would constantly come to me for advice about her boyfriend and I would advise her as best I could. I could tell she loved him, and besides, she swore that he was in the process of breaking up with the other woman. As wrong as it may seem I honestly wanted things to work out in her favor and urged her to hang in there. 'He must not love his ol' girl if he's considering breaking up with her to be with you, so if you really love him then just wait till he's ready because that baby going to need a daddy sis', I told her.

I talked to my dude about everything and I really wanted Jason's opinion about the situation, but every time I raised the subject he would change the subject and talk about something else. I put his reaction down to not wanting to get involved in Nesha's personal problems and our female drama as he called it.

I also began to notice that Jason was never available whenever I invited him out to meet up with Nesha. In fact, whenever I told him that I was going to be with her, he would look annoyed and tell me that I was spending way too much time with her. I didn't understand his sudden change of emotions but I assumed maybe he was acting indifferent to her being with a married man. I felt his attitude had been odd lately, but I tried not to think anything of it. I also noticed that Jason and I had grown emotionally apart, but I just chalked it up to the fact that he was stressed at work.

One Saturday evening, I was going through Jason's and my clothes to start a load of laundry. As I emptied the pockets, a couple of photos fell out so I picked them up to look them over. It was images of ultrasounds with notes written on the back of them. Standing in the middle of our bedroom, I immediately felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest. The notes were love letters - the name on the ultrasound was Nesha's! Shocked and confused, I realized that Jason and Nesha were in love with each other and planning to be together and having a child. My confusion turned into anger. How could my best friend and the love in my life do this to me? I knew I would never forgive either of them, but first, I wanted answers.

I got them both to agree on meeting me at the bakery by our house. Jason came up with a million excuses as to why wouldn't be able to make it, but it was only when I told him that I had something big and important to share with them both that he agreed to be there. Sitting in the bakery, I pulled the ultrasounds out of my purse and placed them on the table. I stared at the ultrasound realizing that I would never have that.

In complete unison, Nesha's face turned white and Jason began fidgeting. 'Ain't no room to lie so who wanna tell me what's up. How could you do this to me? '.

It was clear that I'd caught them both off guard. All Nesha could say was how sorry she was, and Jason said that he never wanted to hurt me he just needed the perfect way to tell me the truth. 'I'm really sorry you had to find out this way, he said grabbing my hands as I snatched them away, 'but I don't think it's going to work out between us.'.

I couldn't believe he had the audacity. As much as I wanted to cry, I told myself to keep my feelings under control. When I asked them how they could betray me like that, neither of them could look me in my eyes and respond. Nesha just sat there shaking.

'You're both down bad and trash', I said in disgust, 'Nesha, you of all people stabbed me in my back, after everything we've been through. You were sneaking around the whole time! while he helped me plan a wedding you knew wouldn't happen. You are carrying his child.. how could you?' And with that, I tore up the ultrasounds and threw the shreds of paper at them before walking out.

A year since the breakup, Nesha reached out to me with photos of their daughter after me and wanted to know if it was possible for us to move forward and rekindle our friendship. She went on to say that she ended things with Jason because he cheated on her and she just couldn't live with the guilt of her actions. I couldn't help but laugh as I congratulated her on the birth, complimented her name choice, but reminded her that I would never befriend her again.

Jason never contacted me again, to my emotional relief.

It has taken me a while to get over that pain and caused me to be a lot more distant and less trusting of people. I've sworn that in my next relationship, I'm going to make sure that none of my female friends(if I ever have another because trust is out the window) ever gets close to my man. I'm also going to keep tabs on my boyfriend to make sure he isn't cheating on me behind my back like put a tracker on his phone and car and make sure I have his passwords.

I know that being paranoid is no way to live, but I don't think I could handle the same thing happening to me again."

How would you have handled this situation? Comment below.

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