His friends taunt him for having an overweight girlfriend, but He loves her.

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My steady girlfriend is really big but she's the sexiest woman in the world to me. My friends continually make rude comments saying she is fat and has too much cellulite. They believe and push for me to leave her and look for a hotter girl, however, I have a lot of chemistry with her. How do I stop my friends from commenting and taking digs about her size? -Chris

Hey Chris,

Don’t listen to your associates on this one. If your friends make a remark about her size, ask yourself if they are deserving to be called "friends." Then question your reasoning for hanging out with such ill-bred people. If you find your sweetheart beautiful then what does it signify what anybody else believes. It is even better that she has a personality you like and connect with. Appearances mean nothing compared to personality, if you’ve found a lady you connect with then that’s the most significant thing there is, don’t throw it away for people who are probably lonely or jealous. They're not making ridicules at her, they're making them at you for liking her. Own it 100%. Tell them you love thicker girls. Be proud and let them know you are with your dream woman. Stand up for your lady. That doesn't mean you start an altercation with your friends. It just means that you make it very clear to them that you do not appreciate nor will you accept any insults on your girlfriend's physical appearance. Be clear, direct, and don't sugarcoat the conversation. Your woman is probably so secure within herself that the insults roll off her, however, your response will mean everything. Trust me, this will make her very appreciative of you and you will also gain esteem and respect from your (real) friends. -SSS

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