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The Grand Ole Opry: A Cool 'Country' Thing to Do in Nashville, Tennessee

Sophia Giorgi

There's something about country music that just gets to me. It's the stories, the heart, the way it makes me feel. It's like nothing else can. When I'm feeling down, country music is always there to pick me up. It's the sound of home, no matter where I am. And it's the best way to spend a summer night, sitting around a bonfire with friends, singing along to our favorite songs.

Country music is more than just a genre of music. It's a way of life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There's something special about hearing a song that resonates with your own life experiences. It's like the artist is speaking directly to you. And in a lot of ways, country music does just that. It tells the stories of real people living real lives. It's relatable and down-to-earth. That's what I love about it.

Country music is the sound of America. And it will always have a special place in my heart.

If you love country music like me, then be sure to check out The Grand Ole Opry whenever you’re in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here’s what a few recent visitors had to say about their experience there.

We loved the inside information from this tour and learned a lot about how the whole thing works for our famous performers. The film at the beginning was awesome, giving us some background information on the Grand Ole Opry. Then our guide escorted us through the entire facility, telling us fun facts and answering all questions with such a great attitude. We saw all of the dressing rooms and learned a lot of history. It was totally wheelchair accessible for my husband. We stood on the stage in the famous "circle" and had our photo taken (buying this photo was totally optional, but of course we bought it!). Altogether, this was a fun tour, well worth the cost. Highly recommended! 6389LoveToTravel

Omg this place is so classic seeing all the country stars not in person but singing and receiving the honor of singing in the circle. Very impressed and loved every minute of it. di

The location with a mall across the street was open, safe with things to do. The venue grounds have a few photo opportunities. We found it easy to go in when doors opened, get a beverage and have a prepared salad/pizza/ sandwich inside the Opry . Located our seats. Found a table tucked in corner topped with guitar picks decorating the top. Watched people of all ages, dressed in all manner of outfits, filing in for the show. Pre show video was well done. Receptive crowd. Good show. Donna S

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If you're interested in going, click here to view the Grand Ole Opry's current shows and tickets.

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