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In Part I of Famous Classical Music, we look at which composers according to the backtrack website produce the most popular and discussed music as well as the brief coverage performance. Experts from all over the world do not need explanations or ideas for what has caused the decline in the cultural significance of species.

The report, commissioned by the ancient music broadcasting company, Adagio, sees the popularity of streaming as a way to listen to classical music and reflects the bright prospects for classical music in streaming services. Radio is still a popular medium for music lovers to access their favorite genres, but YouTube video streaming is very popular — behind traditional CDs, ranked third. Despite streaming media, lovers of classical music still listen to classical music through free streaming services, and 14% said they listen to classical music through paid streaming services.

Classical music sales in 2018 grew by 46 percent to $ 141 million compared to 2017. In North America, the total market for classical music is $ 146 million, which is $ 89 million donated to classical music.

BPI recorded an annual growth rate of 42% in classical music broadcasts in the UK last year, thanks in part to talented new artists such as Sheku Canneh-Mason, Alexis Ffrench, and Jess Gillam. Consumption of music in all genres increased by only 5.7% last year compared to the official charting company British Recording Label Association BPI.

With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the effect of the ban, the old flow of new audiences continued to grow. The RPO study found that 35% of respondents found that listening to orchestral music during a blockchain helps them relax and maintain a sense of calm and well-being. Broadcast gives listeners the ability to simply follow their enthusiasm in the endless music scene and I am thrilled to hear that so many people are turning to classical music for the first time.

Music concerts featuring music from movies and TV shows attract a wide and varied audience. Many of the shows that appeared during the broadcast were dominated by major pop stars and the music industry empires built around them. For centuries, instruments such as the violin and keyboard played some of the most popular music, while classical music was known for its sophisticated forms of instrumental music, such as a concert, symphony, and sonata.

The study is based on a recent study conducted by MIDiA Research, a company dedicated to identifying jazz influences in the early and mid-20th century such as Maurice Ravel, who has a movement called "Blues" in his violin and piano vocals.

Like many other orchestras, the RPO experienced an increase in online interest in the spring: the number of website visitors increased by 290% and group activity on social media increased by 755%.

Young people are developing a taste for genres, and the RPO associates the practice with the growing role of orchestra music in modern culture. The growing combination of orchestral music and daily activities could somehow explain the growing interest in the genre during the blockchain, which may explain why 30% of classical music listeners are under 35, according to a media survey report.

It is safe to say that 2020 has never existed before. No one predicted that last year's live broadcast would be delayed by this time, the country would be closed, and working from home would be a new phenomenon.

A return to interest in the formal and contemporary 18th-century classical music scene was accompanied by composers such as Karl Cerny, heavily influenced by Beethoven, in some areas and familiar with new ideas and techniques in the broader world of musical expression and performance. they lived in it. At the beginning of the 20th century, a renewed interest in formal music and classical 18th-century classical music led to the development of the so-called Neoclassical style Stravinsky and Prok.

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