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Meet The Real Estate School That Is Putting Entertainment Into Getting Your Education

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Myka Allen Johnson is on a mission to educate, entertain and challenge big box education ideologies, one real estate agent at a time.
Myka Allen Johnson owner/instructor The Real Estate Business School of Salado

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“Gone are the days of BORING real estate education! It’s BEYOND time for something fresh, new and groundbreaking. We interrupt your regularly scheduled real estate classes with something better!”

In her quest to change the landscape of real estate education, Myka has used her 20 year career in real estate sales and training as a jumping off point and created the Real Estate Business School of Salado.

Any school can offer Pre-licensing courses but can your school do it while watching a hilarious comedy show while learning? We didn’t think so. Not only is she helping students sear National and Texas laws into their brains so they can pass their exam…she went a step further in writing and creating The Real Estate Rockstar Program.

“Passing your licensing exam is the first step in becoming an agent. On paper you are a real estate agent…. Well now what?” She stressed. “I created The Rockstar program to help new agents hit the ground running. You need someone who is interested in helping you learn, grow, and succeed as an agent. This business is very fast. People are always working to find the next deal and there aren’t many veteran agents able to take the time to help teach the new agent the ins and outs of the business and many times the broker is just as busy.”

“That’s where The Real Estate Business School of Salado comes in.” She adds. “Get licensed then come take our Rockstar program. The Rockstar program isn’t just for new agents. I have found even seasoned agents who have been in the business from 2-40 plus years have a knowledge base but the majority of the time, it comes from ‘custom’ in the industry and they realize they have to leave class practicing this business differently than when they arrived. It’s for everyone!”

To know who Myka Allen Johnson is and what she is all about just takes one meeting.

“I’ve never known anyone like her. I cannot imagine taking a course anywhere else except from her or going to another school, ever, in my life,” says a student as they are leaving a bustling and excited class. 

Her energy is contagious.

Myka and the school have reviews to prove it... The Real Estate Business School of Salado Google Reviews

When you are fortunate enough to meet Myka, the words that come to mind are passionate, knowledgeable, and relatable. Extremely relatable.

Myka describes herself as a 20 plus-year real estate professional who is always learning. “I think that as a broker, REALTOR® or real estate agent, you never stop learning. There is always something happening in the world of real estate that a professional can learn from, “she says and adds, “That is one of the most important things that I teach my students…. You never stop learning. Each and every real estate experience is something that you will learn from.”

 “Things have changed since I got my license, the real estate world has progressed and so should we, the broker, real estate agent and REALTOR®.” And yes, there is a difference between a real estate agent and REALTOR®. 

As she continues to talk about real estate, it’s evident she knows her craft inside and out. From new policies and procedures from the state of Texas to the ethics that guide a Texas REALTOR®. 

“Every house, every seller, every buyer, every customer is different. So are real estate professionals. So that means that real estate education isn’t a one size fits all. We all learn differently. I think that is what sets The Real Estate Business School of Salado apart from everyone else.”

Myka’s philosophy stands true “not every student learns the same. Not every student fits at a university, college or a big box institution.”

 Every student deserves to learn in a relaxed, fun and at your own pace environment.

And did we mention entertaining?

Myka’s comedic background lends itself to how she approaches teaching real estate. “If it's not fun, you’re not learning. If it’s fun, it’s memorable and when it's memorable it sticks in your brain. That’s important when test time rolls around!”

Myka describes her style of teaching as edutainment. Which as a student in their first class with Myka will discover very quickly how her teaching style and personality blend to create an environment rich with knowledge and learning opportunities. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’re definitely going to learn!

 This is where the LOL Lessons in Real Estate created by Myka fits into edutainment. We have started our YouTube Channel with "Mondays with Myka" it's a very educational, informative and yes entertaining for the entire real estate profession.

“There are no guarantees in real estate, but what The Real Estate Business School of Salado provides are the tools for success. We can provide the know-how, the tools in our exam prep, we can prepare you to get your license, how to use your license with our Rockstar Program, but we can’t teach heart. The will and ‘want to’ must come from the student.” Myka adds, “This business is hard, but extremely rewarding. If you bring the heart and the drive to this industry, you can succeed.”

As she prepares for a new class this morning, a hybrid class of Zoom students from across Texas to live in-person teaching at the school, it begins to feel electric with energy. The electricity is palpable as students who know what they’re about to experience gear up for fun and high energy instruction and those who are new, are excited about this awesome new chapter of life.

She begins setting up her computer and then moves to the white board to write introductory questions. Questions that every new class gets asked, she looks over her shoulder and says with a smile, “You know there are no guarantees in life, but here’s what I can guarantee, you will never fall asleep in class and you will always have a cheerleader to celebrate the wins and help navigate the hard stuff that comes with being a real estate agent.” And with that, students begin to filter into the classroom and thus signals it is “Show Time” for Myka as a class erupts into loud applause. Myka asks, “How is everybody feeling this morning?” The class yells and erupts with a collective “UNBELIEVEABLE!”


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