Impact Research Economist started in the financial sector doing macro research in commodities. Course corrected into the child development impact assessment international sector in 2018. Quasi experimental mixed methods outcome assessments, but as the world changed and data gives contextual insights to make radical shifts to impact with effectiveness and practice stewardship, brought the predictives from the financial sector and triangulation methods to evolve the strategic initiatives of the environmental scanning/research teams together. Intentionality, vs. reactionary response = greater impact to those served, and less resources. Ex: move resources and funds BEFORE disaster hits. Predicting the impact of COVID on the children in the 27 countries around the world and be pretty darn accurate, helped leverage a paradigm shift and I’m so proud to see that despite what’s happened in my life this year. I always built my teams, for the one day if I’m not here, that the work can live on without me, and it sure is. Best minds and people I’ve ever had the honor of serving with.