The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What did Taylor inform Steffy?


According to Friday, February 3's Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Katie Logan found Brooke Logan at the cabin and yelled that Taylor Hayes was Bill Spencer's shooter.

Following her defense of Taylor, Brooke emphasized that she had pledged confidentiality and made it obvious that it had not been her decision to break the news.
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The conversation then shifted to Sheila Carter's control over Bill and how Steffy Forrester's broken heart must be seeing Taylor fighting her demons.

Brooke’s and Taylors' budding friendship

Although Brooke was surprised to become friends with Taylor, she was happy that she could support her and her family.

However, Brooke wasn't certain that it would be of assistance.

When Katie questioned what she meant, Brooke explained that Taylor believed turning herself up would be the worst thing she could do in order to stop this.

Taylor shouldn't have to pay that price, urged Brooke.

There was no assurance Taylor's sacrifice would result in Sheila going to jail because Bill was willing to bribe judges.

Katie acknowledged that it wouldn't be fair for Taylor to serve years in prison while Sheila was still free.

Brooke vowed to stick by Taylor and would not allow her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Brooke wasn't going to let Bill and Sheila ruin Taylor's life despite their terrible manipulation.

What did Taylor inform Steffy?

On Friday's B&B episode, Taylor updated Steffy at the cliff home about Sheila's visit and attempts to get inside her head. Sheila claimed that she and Taylor weren't all that dissimilar to one another, but Steffy thought that was absurd given how little Taylor resembled her.

When the topic turned to Brooke dropping by with pizza, Taylor thought back on how she had grown into a true friend and support system. Taylor, however, became extremely upset about endangering Steffy and their family.


Taylor thought the only way to repair things was to confess to the police, but Steffy thought some sacrifices were just too great.

Steffy believed Sheila would eventually overplay her hand with Bill and didn't want to take the kids to see Grandma in jail.

Taylor shared her trauma and vowed that Sheila would not escape justice because she never accepted responsibility for her own crimes.

Steffy’s Move

Once more refusing to allow her mother to give herself in, Steffy picked up the phone and threatened to contact the police.

Taylor was worried that she might disappoint Steffy or end up being a burden, but Steffy gave her comfort.

Taylor seemed to find her strength and agree as she held her daughter after Steffy said they'd find a way to take care of Sheila.

Sheila gave her blessing to the most recent iteration of Deacon Sharpe's pizza dish at Il Giardino.

Sheila had no issue with Deacon mentioning Sheila coming in between seatings because she didn't want Bill to have the incorrect impression.

Does Deacon still have feelings for Sheila?

Deacon cleaned Sheila's lip with his finger after noticing some sauce on it.

Deacon noted that there was a time when Sheila would have preferred it if he had simply kissed it off.

Sheila once warned Deacon not to call her Bill's mistress after he made fun of her for it. Sheila didn't want to rub salt in the wound because she knew Deacon still had feelings for her.

Deacon joked that Sheila already knew he was a big boy despite declaring himself to be one.

Sheila believed that Bill had changed her life, despite Deacon's opinion that Bill was a haughty, conceited caricature.

The Closing Thoughts

Sheila acknowledged that after Katie's complaints, she addressed Katie and spoke up for their relationship.

Deacon warned that Bill and Katie had a child together, forging a strong attachment that put Sheila's independence in danger.

Sheila wanted to warn Katie because of this. Sheila was adamant that she wouldn't watch as Katie turned Bill against her.

Sheila forewarned Katie that there would be repercussions if she did that.

Deacon observed that Sheila had it particularly rough for Bill and perceived it as a threat.

Sheila made a promise to never again let anyone put her priceless independence in danger after all that Bill had done for her.

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Sheila may spiral out of control in the future in some unexpected ways.

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