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Cynthia Watros delves into Nina’s psyche.
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Earlier this week, Nina Reeves, played by Cynthia Watros, went to court to support Sonny, the man she’s set to marry, as he faced some serious weapons charges on General Hospital. Not only did Sonny get out of that jam, he’s now told Nina that it was all part of a ploy! Watros sat down with Soap Hub to chat about just how complicated life can be for Nina as she becomes more immersed in Sonny’s world.

Cynthia Watros: Complicated Romance

Prior to Nina learning that the feds had nothing on Sonny (Maurice Benard), she was doubly concerned about who had turned him in. If loyalty-obsessed Sonny was going to seek vengeance on that individual, how would he respond when he learned that Nina was the one who handed Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) over to authorities for insider trading?

“Sonny, of course, has a soft spot for Carly,” Watros notes. “She’s the mother of some of his children. Nina feels guilty about what she did because it was out of spite, but it was also a spur of the moment thing. We’re really diving into the whole Nina turning in Drew and Carly [story].”

While Watros notes that Nina did nothing wrong — what Carly and Drew did was illegal — she is worried about the situation getting out of control the longer she stays silent. “I have no idea what the writers are going to write,” Watros says. “This is just me, Cynthia, speculating, but Nina didn’t really do anything wrong. She was mad at Carly, and she immediately regretted it. That’s what Nina does. She acts and immediately regrets it. How does she get out of this?”

Dear Nina

Crimson magazine, which Nina publishes, may not have an advice column, but if it did, Watros says Nina would be qualified to pen it. “If I could help Nina in any way, I’d just tell [Sonny],” Watros offers. “Tell him! Let him figure out what his feelings are about it.” However, doing that right now might not make for compelling story. “We have to keep the suspense with what’s going to happen,” she says.

Cynthia Watros: Sonny and Nina Are Complicated

The more time Nina spends with Sonny in Port Charles, the more she realizes that her simpler life with Mike is a distant memory. But is he really fully gone? “It’s interesting,” Watros says. “When Nina got to know Sonny, rather Mike, in Nixon Falls, she still knew he had the ruthless reputation that preceded him. But this understanding, patient, romantic guy Mike was also there. Now that they’re back in Port Charles, that side of Sonny has to be more covered up because of situations he’s in.”

Sonny hasn’t fully brought Nina into his world — at one point, he was telling Ava (Maura West) things he didn’t tell Nina — but now, that might be changing in light of today’s revelation as Sonny informed her on how he set up the FBI to discover not arms but rather coffee in his shipment.

“Sonny’s got this dangerous, sexy side that may scare Nina, but she’s understanding it more and more, and she accepts it more,” Watros says. “This is a part of their lives now. They’re going to get married. She’s not getting [fully] comfortable, but she’s more able to deal with information as he gives it to her. He’s still pretty quiet, but now, he’s letting Nina in on things.”

Best of Both Worlds

Sonny traded Mike’s cowboy attire for the coffee importer’s sharp suits a while ago. However, Watros says that’s just an external look. “He still has Mike in him,” the actress says, who adds Nina sees it “when we dance, when he buys me little gifts, and the way he holds my hand. Nina’s very appreciative that she gets both Mike and Sonny.”

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