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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: Y&R’s Barbara Crampton Loves L.A.

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Barbara Crampton loves Los Angeles and The Young and the Restless.

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We’re not sure how far Leanna Love, played by Barbara Crampton, journeyed to Genoa City to crash the bi-centennial celebration on The Young and the Restless. But we do know Crampton didn’t have to travel far to the studios where Y&R tapes as she recently relocated back to Los Angeles. Crampton chatted with Soap Hub about changing addresses for Soap Hub’s Travel Tuesday.

Barbara Crampton: California Traveling

Crampton has gone on location to shoot various projects, primarily in the horror genre, but she called San Francisco home for quite a while. When she opted to move back to Southern California, she said she wanted to make the move as easy as possible. One way to do that is to be aware of what one is accumulating in your home over the years so that when you move, you’re as ready as possible.

Y&R: Less Is More

“You can try to pare down and make sure you don’t have a ton of stuff,” Crampton says. “Moving is mentally exhausting, and also, it costs money to move stuff.” The actress points out it only makes sense economically not to bring items, furniture, clothes, etc., with you if you’re not going to utilize them.

“I pared down a lot when I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles,” the actress says. Crampton says despite doing this, she still has boxes of stuff in her garage and attic. “I don’t know why!” she exclaims with a chuckle. “Don’t surround yourself with too much stuff.”

Barbara Crampton: Blue Skies

Having more space is one benefit of moving. Warmer weather is another — in theory! “It hasn’t been warmer yet,” Crampton says of the climate in Los Angeles. “It’s been a cold, wet winter in L.A., and I’ve been here for four months. Ultimately, I think it’ll be nicer for me. The Bay area is really foggy. The summers there can be very cold and be a little drizzly with a lot of fun. I’m glad to be back in Los Angeles.”

The best part of Crampton being in the Hollywood area is that she’s closer to Y&R should the show reach out to her with a request for more appearances. “It was very nice to be welcomed back by everybody on the show,” the actress shares. “Lauralee [Bell, Christine] especially went out of her way. She’s become an ambassador for the show now that her parents [Y&R creators Bill and Lee Bell] are gone.

“Lauralee was messaging me on social media, saying they were happy to have me back,” Crampton warmly shares. “She reached out after my scenes and was very supportive. She didn’t have to do that, and I really appreciate that. That shows the character of the family she grew up in. I’m so glad she’s taken the mantel and has run with it.”

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